Community Discussion about the "Online Version of YNAB" Survey

18,381 of you have responded to the two-question survey Jesse sent out with this morning’s newsletter. The survey’s second question has inspired 15,798 responses (and at least one impassioned email) where you’ve told us why you would or would not be excited about an online version of YNAB.

I’ve been scanning the responses, and a clear pattern has emerged:

“I’d love to have an online version of YNAB because it would be so stinkin’ convenient.”

“I have security concerns about an online version of YNAB.”

I belong to the first camp. If YNAB offered an online version I’d probably bust out some (seriously awkward) cartwheels.

I don’t share the security concerns, but I’d be interested to hear from those of you who would be nervous about an online version of the tool we all love.


  • Do you use other online, “cloud-based” services like banking, credit cards, Dropbox, Gmail, etc?
  • If you do use other services “in the cloud,” what feels different about the idea of YNAB working the same way?

Just thought I’d provide a forum where you could share your thoughts in more detail. The whole YNAB team values your feedback. 🙂