Could YNAB Save Your Love Life?

If you’re in the red, and it’s making you blue, get YNAB today and spark love anew!

Ah, love. It’s great, but fickle. We look for mates that weaken our knees, engage our minds and bring more comfort and joy into our daily lives.

And, when you find that special spark? Uh-oh, time to watch out for deal-breakers. Does your new sweetie love your pet(s), please your parents and treat the waiter kindly? Can you handle their taste in music, fashion and movies? And what about their special quirks?

Compatibility and attraction make for a complicated pairing, that’s for sure! And there’s one more consideration to throw on the pile: debt.

Let’s Talk About Debt, Baby.

It’s no surprise, we like our partners and their finances to be on stable footing. But how much does it really matter? According to the results from a survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by, the type and amount of debt is key:

  • 77.6 percent of respondents consider credit card debt to be a good reason to part ways—with an average of $11,525 to be the tipping point for tolerance.
  • 77.4 percent consider payday loans unacceptable, citing an average loan amount of $1,830 as too much.
  • And 76.2 percent felt that student loans were a no-go—with an average debt of $51,000 as the break-up point.
  • Trailing not-so-far behind are business loans (unattractive to 70.9 percent of respondents), home equity loans (71.3 percent) and medical bills (72.2 percent).

So what does this all actually mean? Well, one thing’s for sure, a positive net worth certainly won’t hurt when you’re looking for love. But what if your balance is as red as the petals of two-dozen, long-stemmed roses?

Shine Bright, Like a Diamond.

While debt may be a turn-off for some, I’d wager that just about anyone would be impressed by a partner that is fully-versed in the act of adulting—and that includes responsible money management. If your habits reflect a desire to be debt-free, your dependability will shine through, no matter how heavy your financial baggage.

… and dependability leads to trust, which is one of the most attractive qualities you can find in a partner! You can see where I’m going with this, right? You Need A Budget! Yep, just like Cupid uses his bow to plant arrows on unsuspecting singletons, you can use your budget to give every dollar a job—a target that has a purpose.

With consistency and time, your debt will shrink into oblivion. And, right from the start of your budgeting journey, the feeling of financial control will wash over you. You’ll see. And you’ll exude raw, animal, financial peace and confidence. I don’t want to make any promises, but let’s just say that these aren’t unattractive qualities.

Be a Goal-Digger.

If you’re not looking for love, you’re in the wrong blog post, but no matter. The important thing to remember is that budgeting isn’t about denying yourself. It’s about rewarding yourself. Instead of using the ‘box of chocolates’ approach (you never know what you’re going to get), you decide what you want your life to look like, first, and use your dollars to up-vote your dreams!

Give it a shot. What do you have to lose, except all that debt and stress? Download a free, 34-day trial of YNAB—our Valentine’s Day gift to you. Speaking from my own personal experience, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to go steady …