December Podcast Roundup 2013

We had some fantastic podcasts in December! Here’s your chance to catch them again or for the first time if the holidays had you scrambling.

101 – When You Finance Anything, You Finance Everything – Inspired by Mark’s blog post over on the blog, we discuss the very true (albeit depressing) principle that once you finance something, everything else you purchase is also “financed.”

102 – When Your Tax Rate is 2000% (Not a Typo) – I’ve brought back my tax adviser, Casey Murdock, for another podcast. He should be your adviser too. We discuss the fringe world of tax credit and deduction phaseouts. You can contact Casey directly at [email protected]

103 – Timing Expenses to Save a Grand (or so) on Taxes – This “loophole” isn’t a loophole at all. It’s actually a plain Jane tax planning strategy that can be employed by almost anyone, with even the most boring of tax returns. You can contact Casey directly at [email protected]

104 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Since Julie took over the budget, things are green. Christmas is no different. We’ve been saving all year for it. It’s exactly how you too, can have yourself a merry little Christmas.

105 – The Year of the Status Quo – YNAB had a banner year (thank you for telling your friends and family!). 2014 shall be the year of the status quo.

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