Do Your Payee Names Bring You Joy?

Is your closet neat as a pin—or neat enough to Pin?
Do you arrange your books by title, author and color?
And, if it’s not a right angle, is it a wrong angle?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, chances are you’re a fellow neat-freak. (Hello, friend!) And I’ve got exciting news …

Now You Can Manage Payees!

That’s right, you no longer have to settle for the gobbledygook that shows up in the payee field when you auto-sync or import bank transactions to YNAB. Did you buy a coffee from Merchant4_CfeHs12654? I don’t think so. You were at Starbucks (or Dunkin’ Donuts, just saying). And all those random Amazon merchant names? Gross.

Edit non-descriptive payee names and make your budget more luxuriously organized and skimmable—yes, that’s a word—than ever. With a few easy clicks, Manage Payees lets you edit, auto-categorize, combine and delete your existing payees.

So, How’s It Work?

If you want to edit existing payees (or delete unwanted ones), you’ll need to locate the new “Manage Payee” button. You’ll find it by double-clicking on the payee field that you want to edit, or clicking on the name of your budget in the upper-left corner of YNAB.

Edit Payees

When the Manage Payee lightbox opens, type your payee’s new name (Dunkin’ Donuts!) in the name field at the top. Then click “Done”.


Combine Payees

To combine multiple payee names into one, open Manage Payees and click the checkbox next to those names. Then type the new name in the field labeled “Combine and rename selected payees?” and click “Combine” Then click “Done”.


Auto-Categorize Payees

This feature also lets you auto-categorize your payees. Open Manage Payees and choose the category from the dropdown underneath “Automatically categorize payee”. Then click “Done”.


Delete Payees

Finally, get rid of unwanted payees. Just open Manage Payees, select the payees that you’d like to delete from the list on the left, and click “Delete”. If there are transactions associated with any of the payees that you’ve selected, you’ll be asked to choose a new payee or “no payee”. Then click “Done”.


A Caveat

If you’re a long-time YNABer, you’ll recall that YNAB 4 allowed you to use rules for renaming your payees. This iteration of Manage Payees doesn’t have that feature—the good news? We’re gathering feedback and will continue improving YNAB based on popular demand, so …

Tell Us What You Think!

After you’ve given it a whirl, we’d love to know what you think—tell us here! Your feedback will help us decide how to develop this feature moving forward.