Enlightenment & Awesome Ninja Money Skills (What's that in Your Eye?)

I’m working on a page where people will be able to find resources to help us spread the YNAB Word.

Our forums are, what I would call, the friendliest on the World Wide Web (we really need to bring that term phrase back — there’s my effort for the day).

I love the passion that YNAB users have for their newfound knowledge. Money is such a pervasive “thing” in our life, it’s easy for The YNAB Way to not really be much about software at all. It feels, in a lot of ways, more like a movement.

When you find something that’s really changing your life for the better, it’s natural to want to talk about it. I hope people keep talking about YNAB — screaming it from the rooftops even.

Let’s just make sure we don’t trade in our poor money management skills for a new set of awesome skills that come bundled with a pile of good ol’ hubris. And then, of course, begin judging our closest friends and family with an elitism saved only for the naming of roses (White Rose of York, Comte de Chambourd, and Madame Hardy anyone?).

I know I’ve done this before. Are you occasionally guilty of the same?

For the one week I eat healthy: Suddenly everyone around me isn’t so…shame on them.

My kids happened to be quieter in church yesterday (than normal) so…suddenly I’m the WunderParent and everyone around me can’t get a handle on their kids?

I discover this (fantastic! unbelievable!) software and accompanying Methodology that’s (no hubris here as I write this…) transformed the way I think about money…now everyone around me is just a bit inferior…not quite as informed…not as special. And they certainly can’t afford that new [ ___________ ] (which they must’ve financed).


JD (from GetRichSlowly) wrote about a sweet Alaskan trip he went on a bit ago — and how he felt he was being judged:

Throughout the trip, I felt like I was under pressure to, well, be more frugal, to make the same choices John would make. And you know what? That pressure sucked. It felt awful. I didn’t like the feeling of being judged, especially by somebody I look up to.

How lame is that?

Ramit (from IWillTeachYouToBeRich — which is very hard to type, but an insightful read most every time) recently wrote about how we’re all hypocrites when it comes to spending. He’s right.

This is just something to think about. Now let me sign off–there’s something in my eye.