Party Like It's 2017 (and We Launched a New Mobile App)

Introducing YNAB’s All-New, Full-Featured Mobile App

It’s looking like smartphones are here to stay. (You heard it here first, folks!) In which case—you don’t have to tell us twice—we thought that a mobile budgeting app would be most useful if it had, you know, budgeting capabilities.

Drum roll, please …

We’ve been dying to show you, and are pleased to introduce, the all-new, full-featured YNAB mobile app!

Are You Ready for All of the Features?

Yep. Now you can do all of your budgeting right from your phone …

Designed to Make Budgeting Easy

The new app is easy and intuitive to use, yes, but even better? With notification banners and alert badges, your budget will let you know when it needs attention (like, on payday—or after you’ve overspent).

No matter where you are, with just a few taps, you can update your budget. And who doesn’t like a current budget? (That’s how you find financial peace … or wiggle room for a new pair of shoes. Or both!)

Full Flexibility for Shifting Priorities

Whether you’re starting a brand-new budget, or just want to reorganize your current categories, you can do it all from the comfort of your couch. We like our desktop app, but you won’t need it. No joke, this app does everything. Netflix-and-Budget-Chilling is now a thing!

Let Direct Import Do the Heavy Lifting

Got a few awkward minutes to kill? Whip out your phone and import those transactions so that you’re always operating with the latest information. Remember, what gets monitored gets managed (and improved!).

The Right Information for Better Decisions

With automatic syncing, no matter what device you prefer—mobile, tablet or desktop, PC or iOS—you will always have the right data in real time. (Or maybe, more importantly, your partner will always have the right data?)

Automate Your Financial Wins!

Turn your budget into a game, with goals! Did a trip to the llama pen at your local zoo inspire a vacay to Machu Picchu next August? Want to be credit card debt-free by December? Make a goal and make it happen, from anywhere.

More Motivation, More Progress

Once you’ve got your financial priorities in order, and your budget is primed for success, it’s time to work your plan. Stay inspired with a taste of victory at every step—with YNAB eye candy reports! Our graphs and charts make it easy to check your progress, helping you stay on track to achieve your wildest budgeting goals.

What Are You Waiting For?

Do not pass “Go”. Do not collect $200. Just update your YNAB app (iOS / Android), and join the launch day fun!

We can’t wait to hear how you like the new YNAB mobile app, and how it impacts—dare we say, improves—your budgeting!