Favorites Coming Back to the iPhone

First, I want to let our Android YNABers that we’ve won over our Android developer. He’s been part-time for the past several years, and will be joining the YNAB team full time in January! I’m very excited about this for two reasons:

1) Android development speed will increase, and

2) I no longer use an iPhone, but rather a Galaxy S4. I’m in your corner, Android folks!

iPhone Favorites are Back

I made a misstep in yanking the favorites feature from our iOS 7 redesign. I assumed the workflow of the Favorites was in speedy transaction entry. Favorites was an old feature, and we’d introduced the superior Geosmart Payees in the process. Using Geosmart Payees means if you’re standing in McDonald’s, having just purchased a salad (!), and go to Add Transaction, YNAB would think something like:

Hey, this guy’s in McDonald’s (again). Last time, they categorized the transaction as Restaurants : Fast Food – Moderately Healthy, so we’ll pre-fill the transaction with McDonald’s, that category, and today’s date…

In the end, all you do is hit ‘Add Transaction’, add the amount, and you’re done. It’s lightning-fast–much faster than finding the relevant Favorite category on your phone, and going that route.


iPhone Favorites were Used for Speedy Category Balance Checking

Yep. This is the workflow I completely overlooked.

People chimed in on Twitter with the release, begging for favorites to come back. I was, at first, perplexed, until I realized they were using the feature to check their few key ‘mobile’ categories (eating out, gasoline, entertainment, etc.).

Whoops. Now you good people were stuck scrolling and scanning through your (probably too many? Maybe?) category list just to see if you had the $8 available for a gourmet McDonald’s salad.

This excellent behavior, to check your category balance before spending, as quickly as possible, needed support (again).

You Can Now “Pin” Categories

At the top of the Budget view, you have your pinned categories. No swiping/scrolling necessary.

(If you need to swipe to see all of your pinned categories, because you’ve pinned say…more than ten… then you’re misunderstanding this feature 🙂 You just pin the ones you really care about, and really need to check, on the go, on a regular basis.

To pin a category, you can press the ‘Pin’ button on the top-right of any category view:

For a bit quicker method, you can swipe a category to the left, from within the Budget view, to pin/unpin:

From a design point of view, this beats the prior implementation of having a completely separate Favorites view. These pinned categories are accessible right away, and no other tap is necessary to get to the other categories, if needed.

Other Changes

You’ll see from the shots above, that we’ve added back the totals for the master categories. We’ve deemphasized them appropriately, because they’re not nearly as important as actual category balances, and this now sits much better with me.

We also now allow you to have a split transaction that contains both an inflow, and an outflow. Use cases of this are small, so we were hesitant, but we feel like the implementation didn’t provide much, if any, design overhead, so we put it in.

An example:

If you want to change the Transfer : Cash sub-transaction to an outflow, you’d tap the green ‘+’ sign. It basically lets you toggle it from ‘+’ to ‘-‘ and back again.

iOS users, enjoy!

Android users, I’m with you guys. Really. I’m using the Android OS, learning its ways, and becoming a fan. I’ve seriously turned my entire life upside down in switching to Android, just to show you how devoted I am to the YNAB-Android cause. Be not dismayed.