Five Quick Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage

When I was 25, I decided I wanted to pay off my mortgage before I was 30. I wrote it down on a notecard and stuck it in my wallet. I didn’t actually have a mortgage at the time, but I wanted one. Well, I wanted a house, and so it goes.

It took a lot of intensity. And our house was completely empty for quite some time. It actually echoed. People thought it was strange. But we did it. It was a big goal of ours. It was important to us. And we did it.

But maybe it’s not important to you. Again, the big question here is, “What do you want?” You have to be true to your priorities and that is the hardest part of personal finance. Because if you follow that prescription you’ll be making the best decisions for you. As I always say, you are your best financial advisor.

With that said, here are five quick steps for paying off your mortgage:


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