Five YNAB Success Stories to Inspire Your Inner Budget Nerd

1. Wife Converts Husband to Budgeting with the Help of the YNAB Mobile App

“financial_mom” is the natural bookkeeper and budgeter in her happy marriage. Her husband isn’t a details guy, so he didn’t take take much interest in the budget. That put financial_mom in the position of “budget cop” – a job she didn’t want. See how she used YNAB’s budgeting rules – and the mobile app – to get her husband on board.

2. Elliot used YNAB to Discover and Correct a Mistaken Charge – and Covered the Cost of YNAB in the Process.

During his 34-day free trial, YNAB showed Elliot an incorrect $60 charge to his debit card – something he’d have missed in his non-budgeting days. The correction “paid” for YNAB – not a bad reward for his new budgeting habit. But that’s not his biggest budgeting win. Read his story to hear how budgeting has impacted his relationship with his fiancee.

3. Family of four uses YNAB’s 4 Rules to Stop Overdrawing Accounts without Cutting Life’s Little Luxuries

Before YNAB, “Bidimus”, his wife, and their two kids were the typical check-to-check family who relied on their overdraft line of credit to plug the holes in their finances. Seven months into their life as budgeters, they’re off the line of credit and pursuing a five-year path to total debt freedom – all without having to cut life’s little luxuries.

4. YNAB Helps a Budgeting Beginner Tackle His Debt and Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Kennef had his head buried in the sand. He was behind on bills and debt payments, and on the verge of eviction. After some serious introspection he resolved to deal with his problems head on. Thanks to his new resolve – and YNAB’s 4 Rules – he’s slowly but surely turning things around.

5. YNAB Gives Pizza Lover the Confidence to File Amended Tax Return and Score an Extra $1,000 Refund

I had to include this one because the sheer joy of it gave me a great laugh. A quote from the story:

“Because of YNAB I now know EXACTLY how I will use this money! Well…let me restate that. I WILL know…tomorrow. As stated earlier, I’m a bit drunk, and my money allocation skills might be a bit impaired. I spent approximately 1.5% of my refund on pizza and drinks tonight, combined with a very generous tip to the waitress. I needed a Buddy’s Pizza fix badly, and Buddy’s make the best Cosmos on the planet!”

Here’s to budgeting and Buddy’s. Have a great weekend!