Full Results of the YNAB User Deep Dive Survey

6,047 of you took part in our recent survey, and it only seems fair to show you the results.

I want to thank all who participated, as well as the several dozen of you who sent emails with recommendations for how we can make the survey more accurate. I’ve already incorporated the changes into next year’s version.

I found a few data points interesting:

  • YNABers have relatively low unsecured debt (question 10), with over 36% having no unsecured debt at all (woohoo!).
  • 2/3 of us have under $5,000 in emergency funds (question 13).
  • 70% of us are saving less than 10% of our take-home income for retirement.
  • 43% are living on last month’s income (awesome).

Which stats jump out at you?

survey-gender survey-age survey-relationship survey-income survey-income-type survey-income-frequency survey-children survey-pets survey-rent-or-buy survey-debt survey-secured-debt survey-retirement-balances survey-emergency-fund survey-savings-rate survey-using-ynab survey-transaction-entry survey-mobile-platform survey-on-budget-accounts survey-off-budget-accounts survey-master-categories survey-total-categories survey-open-mobile-app survey-open-desktop-app survey-significant-other-participate survey-last-visit-forum survey-started-over-ynab survey-debt-paid-off survey-increased-savings-balances survey-living-on-last-months-income survey-reduced-monthly-expenses survey-how-many-mentions survey-total-converts

By the way, I’ve (randomly) chosen the winners of the YNAB t-shirts and the iPad. If you get an email from me today, you won!