How Budgeting Empowered Us To Dream Bigger

Budgeting gets a bad rap.

If you ask people what they think of when they think of budgeting (like we do in our Get Started classes) you will get answers like restriction, limitation, denial, and even, suffering.

In fact, many people would rather live with significant stress, never sure of how much money they have or if there will be enough, than adopt a budget.

Weird, right?

Especially because it simply isn’t true.

But don’t take it from us. We are YNAB, we are morally obligated to say nice things about budgeting. Take it from one of the hundreds of thousands of people we’ve taught to be in total control of their money, like David and Fiona Killough:

Meet David & Fiona

When David, 34, and Fiona, 31, got married they had very good intentions. They would be totally on top of their finances. Except when life got complicated, they lost focus. Without any financial plan, getting caught off guard nearly every month became the norm.

As overseas missionaries the Killoughs juggle multiple currencies, dual citizenships, and many unexpected twists and turns to both earnings and expenses—the complication was real and not going anywhere.

“I thought that things would just work out alright in the end as if intention and planning could be bypassed by (misplaced) hope,” Fiona explained.

Reality Creeps In…

With some downtime, while on assignment in Portugal, they realized they had to face their finances, which were also not going anywhere. Enter YNAB.

It was a slow start but things started to change: “It took us a few months to come to grips with the system, but we could see the potential, and all the training and education enabled us to tap into that. The biggest thing though was that YNAB empowers agreement. We did it together.”

Did what you ask? Oh, just doubled their net worth in one year. Not too shabby.

Unexpected Benefits

But budgeting with YNAB didn’t just transform their finances, it transformed their relationship: “We make decisions differently today. We prioritize more effectively and hold each other accountable. We worry less and argue less.”

So when David and Fiona think about budgeting, they think about freedom and power and control. And what would they say to the budgeting haters? “Don’t be fooled into thinking a budget is a limitation. You will quickly reap the benefits…. It empowered us to dream bigger. To recognize the power in each dollar and to realize what we have, rather than what we don’t have. That’s not limiting—that’s exciting!”

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