Who's in Charge? You Are!

Since the 2008 race for the White House began…when was that, I think back in ’83, we’ve heard a lot of talk. We’ve heard a lot of pundits, predictions, predicaments and plumbers.

Yesterday Julie and I dragged the kids down to the credit union, stood in line for an hour, and voted. Our 2 1/2 year old had had enough by the time we were actually voting. He purposely yelled as loud as he could while Julie was holding him (and attempting to vote). I got lucky because I was holding our daughter.

Anyway, the volunteers (and everyone else) handled it well. Our 2 1/2 year old was simply expressing what everyone else was feeling. The wait was long.

But man was it worth it! Voting is special. Please, everyone, make sure you vote.

However, do not, under any circumstances, believe that someone else is going to make all of your wildest dreams come true. Only you will.

We’ve heard so much, from every single possible direction, about how the government’s going to do this, our elected official will do that, a committee will be called, a commission will be formed, a study will be published…your congressman will be there to give you job training, your senator will watch the kids while you go to work, and the President himself will pick up the tab at the grocery store… “No really Mr. Mecham, let me get that for you.”

“Why, thank you Mr. President.”


As a matter of fact, Nah Thanks.

Make sure you vote for yourself. Ultimately, YOU will affect your life in ways far greater than any elected official ever could. YOU will decide what’s right and YOU will make the tough decisions (perhaps you’ll get a call at 3AM?).

At the end of the day, you know who’s REALLY in charge. You are! So go and vote, rain or shine, in a long or short line.

And then, every day wake up, and cast your ballot again (you’re a write-in candidate).