If the Hat Makes the Man, the Icons Make the Application

Taylor and I have been working closely with an absolutely phenomenal design shop, Artua, to develop some phenomenal icons for YNAB 3 (which will be phenomenal).

Artua exceeded our expectations at every turn. They were responsive to (what little) feedback we had, and delivered stunning icons with a turnaround you’d expect with your breakfast order at Wafflehouse — not with such high-caliber design!

The Accounts, Budget, and Reports icons:




How do these phenomenally (4th time in this post I’ve used that word) stunning icons look in the app? Phenom–Fantastic:


To outline all of the reasoning behind the gorgeous details in these icons would be like my 10th grade English teacher breaking Hamlet down formulaically. You just shouldn’t do that with art.

Hat tip (no pun intended) to Max Ernst (1891-1976) for the inspiration on this post title.