Introducing Our Apple Watch Winner...

About a month ago we launched the YNAB Apple Watch app and the Apple Watch Giveaway Contest!

We got way more video submissions than we expected and, truly, they were all such good stories. We had to do multiple internal focus groups to try and pick a winner because it was HARD.

Ultimately, we landed on Jordan Maslyn. Congrats, Jordan!

Jordan’s story is the story of so many YNABers—in fact, you could say it’s somewhat of a YNAB fairytale:

Cool hipster couple gets married, very much in love, but one big financial mess. Stressed and fighting about money leads them to more stress, conflict and debt, until they find YNAB. They learn to prioritize. They learn how to communicate about money. They plan ahead for upcoming expenses and roll with the punches when necessary. After five years of faithful budgeting, they are debt-free and have saved enough to put a down payment on their house. Throw in a cute baby, and happily ever after, the end!

In Jordan’s own words:

The power of YNAB to transform lives never gets old! Congrats Jordan—thanks for sharing—and enjoy the Apple Watch!