Introducing the YNAB & Zapier Integration!

Use Zapier to connect YNAB with 1,500+ apps and unleash your budgeting superpowers.

Written by Reema Al-Zaben  |  on

Do you find yourself wishing for an automated accountability partner that sends you a text message every time you overspend in a particular category (i.e. the real life version of our live push notifications)? Or maybe you want to automatically move a little extra into the fun money category when your Age of Money hits a certain number.

Today, we’re happy to announce our new integration with Zapier that will allow you to do both of those things and more!

You may be asking “Za, what?!” Well, Zapier is a way for you to integrate YNAB into hundreds of different apps, without writing a single line of code.

Built on top of our YNAB Public API, the Zapier integration will allow you to pull off some really amazing things, like adding a todo in Todoist each time you overspend in a category, because you need to use Rule 3, but are way too busy eating that juicy cheeseburger to be bothered with that right now (seriously, I was hungry!). Pretty cool, right?

Find out more about this new integration and get started here! 🙌

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