Is Your Christmas Fully Funded?

Paying cash doesn't have to be a Christmas miracle, but it feels about as good!

If you’re a YNABer, you know the sweet taste of budgeting victory. Sometimes it comes from something small, like staying within your grocery budget for the month. And sometimes it’s huge, like finally paying off all of your credit cards in full.

But the best part is the lingering feeling of freedom that comes when you’re in total control of your finances. Anxiety about bills melts away. Your stress levels drop. And the world truly feels more merry and bright.

… and that brings us to one of the most magical budgeting victories of them all:

Fully-Funded Christmas Categories!

If you’re nodding enthusiastically because you’re living your best life—with an all-cash, debt-free holiday all queued up—then pat yourself on the back. You did it! You saved every month, all year long for this moment. And now it’s time to celebrate …

Show the world what fully-funded holidays feel like! Click below to spread the budgeting joy, and ride your cash into the New Year!

Celebrate Your All Cash Holiday!

Everyone Can Join the All Cash Club!

And, if you didn’t pay cash for your Christmas gifts—if you leaned on your credit cards to pick up the tab—then don’t feel down. We all begin our budgeting journeys in the same place … at the start. Just remember this: You do not need a Christmas miracle to enjoy debt-free holidays. The truth is, all you need is a budget.

So, make next year better. Start saving now so that you, too, can enjoy guilt-free, regret-free, stress-free, no credit card required holidays in 2019. There’s simply nothing quite like having a pile of cash sitting in the bank, ready to help you surprise your loved ones on Christmas morning. Get started, now.