YNAB Get Started Bootcamp

Join the YNAB Get Started Bootcamp

We spend a lot of time here at YNAB teaching people how to budget and take total control of their money, and we’re always looking for new ways to teach. There are a bunch of ways to learn YNAB: from live workshops, to written instructions, to just hanging out with a friend who wants you to love budgeting as much as they do.

So when we discovered a way to combine all three of those things together, we got pretty excited. And I’m really happy to tell you about it.

Introducing the YNAB Get Started Bootcamp! It’s a Facebook group full of live instruction from YNAB teachers, written resources, and helpful people from the YNAB community. We focus on learning the YNAB method and software and establishing good budgeting habits that will let us take control of our money.

What’s It Like?

So you want to know a little more about how the group works? Really the core of the group is live instruction from YNAB teachers. The first week of every month, YNAB teacher Dave teaches units Monday through Friday to show you everything you need to know to get started with YNAB. He covers topics like adding accounts, handling overspending, and deep dives into savings and credit cards. 

If you can’t catch Dave live, the recordings are available anytime in the Units section of the group along with some helpful written resources to show you everything you need to know about using YNAB. So even though our teachers are only live at the beginning of the month, you can jump in anytime and start learning! And we keep the Facebook events and Units up to date, so you always know what to expect next.

Here’s a look at the Facebook page once you get inside the bootcamp.

All the educational materials are great, but the best part of the Get Started Bootcamp is the community. YNABers are some of the best people around, and it really shows in this community. Post a question and you’ll get a quick answer from YNAB team members and other YNABers alike. And the community is always helpful, friendly, and encouraging. 

Who’s This For?

The Get Started Bootcamp is geared toward new YNABers, but anyone is allowed! Maybe you’re brand new to YNAB and want to learn the basics. Maybe you’ve been YNABing for awhile and want to pick up some new tips or get help establishing new habits. Or maybe you’re a veteran who just loves talking about YNAB! Everyone is welcome to join!

How’s It Going So Far?

The Get Started Bootcamp group has been live now for a couple months, and it’s been going really well! We’ve got the educational content down to a science and the discussion gets more and more lively as the group grows. Every day we see group members taking the time to encourage each other, ask (or answer!) a question, or just gush over how excited they are to learn and be a part of a great community. 

This week, we’ve been talking a lot about establishing a money routine. Dave’s been talking about the importance of regularly reconciling accounts in his live streams and we’ve seen a lot of people excited to commit to a new plan. 

If this sounds like something that’s for you, sign up right now! Just enter your email in the box below, confirm your email address, and we’ll send you a link to join the group today!