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On average, new budgeters save $600 by month two and more than $6,000 the first year! Pretty solid return on investment.

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Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle, Get Out Of Debt, & Save For the Future with YNAB

We’ve taught hundreds of thousands of people to be in total control of their money. You’ll feel like you got a raise. You’ll sleep better than you have in years. You won’t be stressed and your kids will respect the value of every dollar.

On average, new YNAB users save $200 the first month, and more than $3,300 after month nine. Not to mention, YNAB will help you identify your priorities—whatever is most important to you—and focus your money accordingly. The net result—you, living the life you want, without stressing about money—and kids that are set up for success. Win-win-win!

What do you have to lose but all that debt and stress?
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When we say “Total Control” we mean it.

YNAB is different. A “forget-everything-you-think-you-know-about-budgeting” kind of different. And it works: You’ll stop overdrafting, you’ll pay off your credit card debt, your stress levels will plummet, and you’ll achieve financial peace.

How? YNAB (“why-nab”) combines a simple, effective methodology with award-winning software to turn you into a finance superhero. You can’t be a superhero without superpowers (obviously), and that’s where the rules come in:

When you Give Every Dollar a Job, your money is dialed in. You know exactly what you can spend on eating out. On clothes. On everything. No more worrying you’ll accidentally spend the money needed for next week’s bills.

As you Embrace Your True Expenses, you smooth out your cash flow by breaking down larger, less-frequent expenses (holidays, birthday presents, insurance), and treating them like monthly expenses—saving for them each month. Goodbye financial roller coaster, hello financial… minivan?

Roll with the Punches when you go over budget. (It will happen and it’s okay.) Spent too much on groceries this month? Just cover it with your fun money category. Covering overspending keeps you out of debt and on track.

Then the fun begins. You’ll Age Your Money, working toward spending money you earned at least 30 days ago. Say goodbye to the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, timing bills, and money stress. When a bill comes in, you’ll just pay it. If an emergency happens, you’ve got time to come up with a plan.

Apps Make it Drop-Dead Easy

The power behind YNAB lies in our four simple rules, but you’ll stick with it because of our award-winning software for the web, iOS, and Android. Every detail of the software is designed to help you gain total control of your money and live the life of your dreams whatever they may be!


Frustration-free setup

A CS degree shouldn't be a prerequisite for improving your finances. YNAB runs securely in the cloud, so there's nothing to set up or manage.

Syncs with your bank

YNAB connects directly to thousands of banks and credit cards so you can spend more time reaching your financial goals and less time on data entry.

Always up to date

Budgeting works best when your budget is up to date, and available where you are. YNAB stays in sync in real time on all of your devices, no muss, no fuss.


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