Location, Location, Location is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

I likely have the attention of the Realtors 🙂

If you wrote to YNAB Support this past week, you were likely greeted with an automatic reply where we explained that our response time would not be its usual lightning-fast time. Why? The entire team spent the entire week having entirely too much fun in Costa Rica.

It was our roughly-every-18-months company-wide meetup.

  • This year it was in Costa Rica at the swanky Marriott Los Suenos.
  • In 2012 it was in Santa Cruz at a Best Western (we did a two-day survival school).
  • In 2010 it was in a conference room in Utah, and at some fancy restaurants.
  • In 2008(?) it was around Erin’s lovely kitchen table in Maine.

The more I hang around with the YNAB Team, the more certain I am that the location doesn’t matter at all.

I’ll admit, I was going for “swanky” with the Costa Rica idea. Swankiness abounded. We zip-lined over a rain forest, touched wild crocodiles, swam in the white sand beaches of one of Costa Rica’s beautiful national parks, had surfing lessons, and ate dinner while watching the sunset over one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen in my entire life.

Strangely enough, but never surprising, the team sentiment was, “This is all great, but I just like being together!”

I was thinking MORE FANCY, and while I don’t at all regret giving fancy a shot, I consider this a lesson learned. It turns out that location doesn’t matter at all. It’s just about the people. Building new friendships. Laughing. Creating dozens of inside jokes. And playing Resistance until late into the night.

Have you ever been surprised when “fancy” didn’t deliver as promised? It’s a great reminder that marketing and advertising rarely tout what matters most. Spending time with people you care about doesn’t stress the wallet much.