Meet Jessiebird: Farmer, YNABer, and Blog Contributor

Jessie, not Jesse

Hello, YNABers! I’m Jessie, one of YNAB’s new blog contributors. I’ll be going by my YNAB forum username, Jessiebird, in the hopes that people don’t get me confused with Jesse Mecham.

We’re actually pretty easy to tell apart: Jesse’s a young guy who lives with his family in Utah. I’m a 46-year-old woman who lives with her family in Vermont. More importantly, Jesse started YNAB and runs the company. I’m just a satisfied customer who likes to write about budgeting.

My YNAB story

I found YNAB in the summer of 2011, at a time when I was starting to feel truly ashamed and defeated about our financial situation; my husband came on board a bit later, after he saw that YNAB worked and that “having a budget” didn’t mean “never spending money.”

Since then we’ve wiped out close to $30,000 in consumer debt. We’re not debt-free yet, but now we know it’s within reach — and we’re managing to live a good life and make conscious financial decisions that are getting us where we want to go. The difference between our mindset (and bank balance) now compared to three years ago still blows me away.

About me

Despite my lifelong fear of and incompetence with money, somehow I got stuck being the bookkeeper for my husband’s construction company as well as for the family finances. How we survived before YNAB I will never know.

I stayed at home when the kids were small, but these days I work as a typesetter at the local newspaper. For over a decade I’ve been writing a biweekly humor column there as well.

In 2006 we bought a small farm just outside of town, where we raise as much of our own food as possible. I keep a blog documenting our adventures in everything from digging potatoes to making lard to pressing apples for cider. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, knitting, spinning yarn, exercising, and chasing the goats out of the gardens.

We have not had a boring day in eight years.

The blog

My YNAB blog posts will appear here about once a week. And of course I’ll still be busy over in the forums.

As far as topics go, I’ve got a few in mind already, but I’m open to suggestions; email me at [email protected]