New to YNAB? Use the YNAB Quick Start Workshop to Set Up Your First Fully-Functional Budget

Erin here. From my experience teaching YNAB’s live classes, I see a lot of people who downloaded YNAB so they could take control of their money and reduce financial stress. Maybe you’re one of them? You read the testimonials and felt excited, empowered, and optimistic.

Then you opened the software and weren’t sure what to do next. When I started YNAB seven years ago, I remember feeling overwhelmed by my financial situation (tons of credit card debt) and that made it hard to get going.

YNAB is a powerful and simple money management tool, but I know how hard it can be to climb over those first obstacles. That’s why we’ve created a thorough support structure:

  • A knowledge base with articles covering every aspect of YNAB’s features and philosophy.
  • About one hundred free live webinars each month hosted by one of YNAB’s expert teachers.
  • Hours of video tutorials that walk you through the software’s key features.

I hope you’ll use these resources – they cover both the YNAB method and the software.

At the same time, I know some of you don’t want to figure YNAB out on your own. You’d prefer to do it once and do it right. I know when I started it would have been perfect if a YNAB expert had been willing to sit down with me at my kitchen table and walk me through it step by step.

That’s why I’ve created YNAB’s Quick Start Workshop. It’s the closest I can get to actually sitting next to you during your crucial first hour with YNAB.

Here’s how Quick Start works:

After registering for the workshop, I’ll send you a few assignments to prepare you for the live sessions. Don’t worry – it won’t be anything too difficult. I’m talking about gathering financial information available in your online accounts, and maybe reviewing some YNAB orientation material just to make sure we’re all on the same page when we start.

Once you’ve finished your pre-workshop assignments, you’ll sit in on a live webinar with me and a few other new YNABers. Many of our free classes have as many as one hundred attendees. For the Quick Start Workshop, we’re capping attendance at 20. That will allow us to really dig in deep and answer your questions directly.

You’ll open YNAB and I’ll walk you through setting up your budget file, one step at a time. It’s that simple: I’ll give you a YNAB task, then pause while you implement it in your own budget file. You can ask questions as you’re working, as they come up, and get them answered in real time. We’ll spend 60 minutes in the first live session, covering as much ground as possible before turning you loose for a week to budget on your own. During the week following our live session, I’ll send you a few emails reviewing what we covered, and giving you small tasks to help you feel more confident with your budgeting process.

After you’ve had a week to practice budgeting, we’ll get back together for our second live session. This class will be less formal; you and your classmates will have plenty of questions after spending a week on your own with YNAB. Those questions will drive the second session. We’ll spend another 60 minutes together, making sure your questions are answered before you strike out as a fully operational YNABer

Summing up the Quick Start Workshop, participants will:

  • share two live 60-minute webinars with a YNAB instructor and a few other YNAB users.
  • receive personal guidance on setting up and using their budget.
  • have a week of budget practice between the live sessions.
  • graduate with a fully functional YNAB budget file and the confidence to maintain it.

We’ll be running the Quick Start Workshop for the first time on Monday, March 3rd at 8pm with the follow up Q&A on Monday, March 10th at 8pm. I look forward to personally interacting with you in our first session!

Thanks, Erin Lowell YNAB Education Lead Click here to register for YNAB Quick Start ($40).   *Please note, the workshop above is over and there’s not yet another one scheduled.

Common Questions about YNAB Quick Start

How does Quick Start differ from YNAB Coaching?

YNAB Coaching participants work with their coach for over a month, exchanging emails and usually sharing at least one phone call. The typical Coaching client has already spent time with YNAB and is mostly looking for insight into their personal workflow. The price ($179) reflects the length and format of personal coaching.

We see Quick Start as a tool to create a solid foundation for YNABers who are just getting used to the software and method.

Is Quick Start only for “new people?” What if I’ve had YNAB for a while and just want to make a Fresh Start with an instructor’s help?

Yes, we’ll be making a fresh start with new budget files. This is a great fit if you’ve had YNAB for a while and haven’t settled into a good budgeting habit. We’ll be happy to have you!

Do I have to connect a mic and headset to my computer to participate?

No, you can just listen through your computer speakers or dial in from your home or cell phone. Either works great. You’ll type your questions over through a chat window. We’ll send connection instructions well in advance of the first live session.

Will I have to share my budget or personal financial details with other participants?

No. Participants will be able to see the instructor’s demo budget file on the screen, but none of the participants’ budgets will be visible.

What if I have questions between the live sessions?

If it’s a technical issue, YNAB Support is always ready and happy to help. If your question relates directly to Quick Start, save it for the second live session – Q&A is its main purpose!

Click here to register for YNAB Quick Start ($40). *Please note, the workshop above is over and there’s not yet another one scheduled.