Nightmares from the Past: YNAB Needs Your Urgent Help

In 6th grade I ran for Vice President of student council. I had a killer slogan (“If you go to vote, Mecham to office.” — too subtle? Perhaps. Mecham is pronounced me-come.)

I remember staying up WAY past my bedtime–til probably 9:30–making campaign posters, and putting the finishing touches on my speech. My mom helped me color the final few campaign posters right before I went to bed.

The following day was election day. I had butterflies in my stomach, and campaign posters stuffed into my Jansport backpack. I put up the posters in strategic locations (cafeteria walls, next to the other posters) and gave my speech after lunch, to a packed assembly of elementary school kids who were just hanging on every word.

I didn’t deliver.

Matt beat me.

My crushing defeat still haunts me to this day. If only I had focused on the core issues (recess length) and not tried to convince my peers that what we really needed was a balanced budget, and to pay off some of the school’s debt in order to free some long-term cash flow for big expenses that were headed our way…

Well, I need your help. I don’t want to lose another race.

YNAB is in the running for the 2011 Best Windows Personal Finance Software from Please vote for YNAB here.

As of 4:55 AM Mountain Time, we’re shy by about 500 votes. I think we’ll crush that deficit in a matter of hours with your help. If you’ve already voted, know that you’re allowed to vote once per day so please vote again!

And yes, I recognize that YNAB is also the best personal finance software for Mac, but we didn’t get enough nominations for the Mac contest (we will next year). If you’re a Mac user, just know you’re helping your red-headed step-brother out by voting for us on the Windows side (and recognize that they’re one-in-the-same software :))

Now what can I give you, to entice you to vote? I can only promise you that we’ll code faster, and continue to bring you great new features to your software.

I can promise that we’ll continue to deliver stunningly-responsive customer service.

I can promise that we’ll keep offering free live classes to educate you, or just to keep you motivated.

And if we win, I can promise you longer recess, and no more soggy french fries from the cafeteria.

Please help us best our noble competitor (AceMoney), by voting today. The vote closes at 11:59 PM EST tonight, so don’t delay! Join the fray!

If you have friends that love YNAB, please forward this along to have them vote as well.

If you’re still reading, and haven’t voted yet, even though I’ve already dropped the vote link a half dozen times, I’m going to do it one more time–just for good measure. Vote here.


Thanks everyone.

Please tweet this, put it on Facebook, and otherwise pass it along to anyone that can click a mouse and will vote exactly as you tell them 🙂 (Use the fancy icons just below to share it with your friends.)