October Podcast Roundup 2013

The titles speak for themselves. If you haven’t yet listened to the Mr. Money Mustache podcast, do it. Now. 🙂

096 – Mr Money Mustache’s View on Retiring FAR Earlier Than the Norm (Take Two) – An interview with my favorite personal finance blogger, Mr. Money Mustache. He retired at 30 years old, and he and his wife and son live a luxurious life on just under $30,000 per year. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PODCAST YOU WILL LISTEN TO THIS YEAR. 🙂

097 – The Most Radical Shift in Money Management to Ever Take Place in Our Household – I’ve handed the Budgeting Reins over to my wife, Julie. She’ll do a better job, and our relationship will be even better for it. Here’s what lead up to this, and why it’s going to be awesome.

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