October Podcast Roundup 2012

Here’s a roundup of October’s podcasts. My favorite title probably had to do with your car being a wealth-sucking parasite 🙂

050 – A Startling Statistic Strikes Fear in My Heart. You? What’s your retirement savings rate? Have you started saving for retirement? What aspects of your retirement nest egg are actually in your control?

051 – Quality, and the Law of the Harvest If I ever start another company, it will be to make a toaster so well-built, you’ll pass it on to your grandkids. Has the “cheaper is better” skewed our instincts that used to follow the law of the harvest?

052 – An Interview with Jon Stein of Betterment–You CAN Invest!  I love what Jon Stein’s doing over at Betterment. If you’re afraid of investing, you should listen to this. If you want to be lazy about your investing, you should listen to this.

053 – A Behind the Scenes Look at How YNAB Started, and Where We’re Headed  This is epicly long. My first goal with YNAB was to make our $350 rent. And now in 2011 we were Utah’s 9th fastest growing company. Who…woulda…thought.

054 – Your Car is a Wealth Sucking Parasite. If you’re like most (and you probably are), you’re driving too much car. Consider how it just might be keeping you from the financial goals you REALLY care about.

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