Ode to Monty Python: What has the Budget ever done for us?!?

This famous scene from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” reminded me how the Budget often gets an undeserved bad reputation.

THE SCENE: Three friends are enjoying a cup of coffee discussing the benefits of budgeting in their lives. One friend is less convinced of the benefits than the others…

Joe: What has the Budget ever done for me?!?

Tom: Well, it’s given me control over my spending.

Joe: Oh yeah, yeah it has given us that. Yeah. That’s true.

Steve: And I make better spending decisions now.

Tom: Oh yes… better spending decisions. My wife and I used to spend like crazy.

Joe: All right, I’ll grant you control over spending, and better spending decisions are two things that the Budget has done.

Tom: And awareness of where our money is going…

Joe: (sharply) Well yes obviously awareness… awareness goes without saying. But apart from the control over spending, better spending decisions and awareness of where my money is going…

Tom: My debt has decreased.

Joe:Yes… all right, fair enough…

Tom: And I have money in savings…

Steve: Oh yes! True! I would really miss that if I weren’t budgeting.

Tom: All my money has a job.

Steve: And I’m not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. I have a Buffer and I’m living off last month’s income.

Tom: Yes, that certainly has made things easier to manage.

Steve: Well that, and that I saved for a number of rainy day categories.

Tom: and you know, I’m not as stressed since I have a way of dealing with overspending.

Steve: Good point, I know what you mean.

Joe: All right… all right… but apart from control over my spending, better spending decisions, increased awareness of where my money is going, decreased debt, increased savings, the fact that all my money has a job, getting out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle, saving for rainy days, a better way of dealing with overspending, what has the budget ever done for me?

Tom and Steve: It’s brought financial peace of mind!

Joe:(very angry, this is not going well for him at all) What!? Oh… (scornfully) Financial Peace. Never mind!!!

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Erin – YNAB Coach