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What accounts do you keep "on-budget" in YNAB?

4,751 of you (so far) have taken the YNAB User Deep Dive survey. I’ve received a couple dozen messages offering feedback on how the survey could be better/more relevant, and I’ve already updated the survey accordingly – so thanks for taking the time to help me improve it! Digging through the responses, the results of …
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YNAB 4: All Accounts View

What?! There’s a new version of YNAB coming? Yes. It’s YNAB 4, and it’s awesome. If you missed the announcement, you can catch it here. We talk about pricing, availability, etc. YNAB 4 lets you view all of your accounts in one register: When you’re in that view, you can see all schedule transactions from …
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Trust your Budget and Close Some Accounts!

I am growing more and more convinced that the reason a lot of people struggle with budgeting is because we live in a world that is too focused on accounts. Most people have more than one account, typically checking and savings at the very least. Some folks have two checking accounts – one for bills …
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Balancing Your Budget and Accounts (Whiteboard Wednesday)

Today we discuss a simple equation to help you balance your on-budget accounts with your budget. It’s a simple formula, but a real life-saver! If you’re interested in a more in-depth explanation that will be explained much better than I ever could, you should consider taking the free, live special-topics class we have on balancing …
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On/Off Budget Accounts (Whiteboard Wednesday!)

Hello good YNABers! I’m pleased to announce the first installment of Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we talk about On/Off Budget Accounts. Forgive the beanie. My hair is atrociously long (by my standard), but I can’t cut it until I reach a goal that I set in October. Enjoy..   Leave a comment below telling me what …
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Freedom Accounts, Rainy Day Funds, Sinking Funds Oh My!

What’s a Freedom Account? What’s a Rainy Day Fund? What’s a Sinking Fund? They’re all the same thing. Mary Hunt coined the phrase Freedom Account, I (probably did definitely didn’t) coin the phrase Rainy Day Fund. I’m not sure who got Sinking Fund. Had I known about Mary Hunt’s Freedom Accounts before making YNAB, I …
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My Favorite Mary Hunt Advice: Freedom Accounts

Mary Hunt has popularized a method of budgeting that I absolutely love: Freedom Accounts. Over here in the world of YNAB, we call those things “Rainy Day Funds” – either way you name it, Mary’s advice to set up freedom accounts is spot on. A freedom account is basically a fund that you build up …
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Web Release Notes: January 21, 2020

Today we’ve released a handful of infrastructural changes along with a nice, little fix to our API…which, have you heard of our API? It’s pretty neat. It allows developers to do cool stuff like create connections for Australian bank accounts or get your Roomba to chase you around your house when you don’t budget enough …

How to Budget in YNAB When You’re Broke

It can be tough to build a budget when things are tight. Not only are you learning a new method of budgeting, a new app, and new habits—on top of that, you’ve still got to feed the kids and find the money for the next bill. Enter: pounding, stress-inducing headache. Hold on a second. Deep …
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