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How to Identify & Escape the Credit Card Float

If you’ve never heard of the credit card float, it might sound relatively innocuous. Beach balls float. Clouds float. I mean, ice cream—one of the most beloved desserts out there—floats. And doesn’t everyone use credit cards, these days? How bad could a credit card float really be? Well, let’s take a look. The Credit Card …
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How to Manage a Credit Card, Any Credit Card, in YNAB

You might think that using a credit card and following your budget are mutually exclusive endeavors. You’re either charging stuff, or you’re following your plan, right? Wrong. It’s totally possible to use your credit card within the parameters of your budget—a confusing possibility if you’ve never considered it before. And, that’s how YNAB is designed. …
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Four Things to Consider Before You Chase Credit Card Rewards

According to, nearly a third (29.2 percent) of Americans make credit card purchases simply to earn rewards. But, are the perks worth it? A quick Google search or visit to YNAB’s Facebook fan page indicates that, like with all things personal finance, it depends … If you’ve been eyeballing cards with cash back, points …
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From Hopeless to Zero Credit Card Debt In 2 Years Flat

Abigail is a public health nurse in Richmond, Virginia. For years, she felt as though her money was the boss of her … She said, “It was a dark time. My only relationship with money was that I needed it to live. After I paid my rent, bills, etc., I would freely spend on whatever …
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The Credit Card Float: A Silent but Deadly Threat to Your Budget

Before YNAB, I went to some extreme lengths in attempt to save money. For starters, there was my overly complicated spreadsheet where I tracked our grocery spending in detail. From beef to granola, if we bought it, I recorded it. And then there was the collection of money envelopes that I’d hidden in every crack …
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Five Factors to Watch If You Want Healthy Credit

Now that the confetti and caps have settled, new college graduates face an exciting new phase: entering the ‘real’ world. If that’s you, then your thoughts are likely circling around how to land the perfect job, what to wear in the professional world, and how to stretch your dollars as far as humanly possible. Something …
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YNAB Credit Card Handling: New & Improved

Based on your feedback and testing, we’ve made some tweaks to improve the way that YNAB handles credit cards. The reason that credit cards are tricky is that your budget is about giving every dollar a job—it’s cash-based, which we talked about last week. When you introduce debt to the budget, it creates challenges (on …
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How To Improve Your Credit Score

There is no shortage of blogs, and lists, and quick tips from every corner of the Internet shouting about how to improve your credit score. This isn’t one of those articles. Yes, of course, there are things you can do to raise your score like make all your payments on time and avoid maxing out …
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What Can I Do To Help My 18-Year-Old Build Good Credit?

The other day, a friend of mine, asked me what she should do to help her 18-year-old build good credit. Actually, that isn’t true. She said, “Will you ask Jesse what we should do to help Grace build good credit?” But, either way, Heather this one is for you. Help Your Kids Build A Budget …
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