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The New Rules

Amidst the launch craziness, we didn’t get to talk much about the fact that we renamed two of our rules. So here we go—we renamed two of our rules. The idea was to better focus on the core principles behind them. Rule One: Give Every Dollar a Job remains our rock. Rule One is all …
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Trust the Budget & Close An Account (Or Two or Four)

From Podcast #171, Close An Account, Then Another, the one in which Jesse talks about the benefit of closing extraneous accounts. The question of the day, as we take a run down Simplicity Lane—it’s a straight lane, not a lot of curves, not a lot to look at, just simple—how many accounts do you have? …
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10-Year Anniversary Revelation: The Rules Are The Magic

Podcast #158: YNAB’s 10-Year Anniversary, the one in which Jesse reflects that, even after 10 whole years, it is still exciting every time someone transforms their finances for the better. This episode aired February 8, 2015.  Hello YNABers. My name is Jesse Mecham and this is podcast number 158 for You Need A Budget, where we …
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Don’t Hide Behind My Rules. You Have One Priority.

Update 9/16/2014: I’ve clarified this (rather divisive) blog post, to be specifically talking about non-mortgage debt. I’m not a fan of student loan debt, but it’s a gray area when it comes to “good debt verses bad debt.” I plan on writing a post about good debt and bad debt, coming shortly :). I’ve had …
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YNAB Podcast Episode 62 - Bought a car; broke both my rules.

Hello YNABers. My name is Jesse Mecham and this is podcast number 62 for You Need A Budget, where we teach you four rules to help you stop living pay check to pay check, get out of debt and save more money. I went into debt yesterday, and I’ll tell you more about that in …
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Rule Four is a Sprint, not a Marathon

Rule Four, as I’ve talked about before, is budgeting bliss, your money Mecca. It’ll let you sleep better. You’ll be able to handle variable income with ease. Your bill-paying process will be studied by Harvard Business School students as a case for efficiency and effectiveness. So let’s not take forever to get there. I’m just …
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10 Favorites From the YNAB Vault

Does talking about budgeting ever get old? We wouldn’t know. It’s still just as fresh and rosy as the day we started.  We’ve pulled together a highlight reel—a curated list of our most-viewed articles from 2019. Some of them are oldies but goodies that just keep popping up (here’s looking at you, Wish Farm!) and …
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How to Stay Out of Debt

This post originally aired as a podcast episode. Every week, Jesse covers a new topic. Click here to listen to more episodes. If you’ve gotten out of debt, congratulations! And now, you want to stay out of debt. There’s a shift in mindset that will be extremely helpful in avoiding new debt—and that’s using the …
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What YNAB Says About Debt

At YNAB, we’re all about setting your priorities and making your budget line up with those priorities. And in that quest, I often abstain from opinion. I don’t always share what I think, but I do have some thoughts around debt. And being the adult that you are, I’ll let you take my thoughts as …
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New to YNAB? Start Here!

Wondering where to start with YNAB budgeting? Start here: learn how to use the YNAB software in our short, free, budgeting videos.  So, you need a budget. Well, you came to the right place. No matter if you’ve been budgeting for two decades with a printed spreadsheet in your pocket or you have a history …
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