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How Two People Fell in Love Thanks to Budgeting

Adrianna and Nico often joke that they’re a cliche rom-com story: “single guy no kids meets crazy single mom of five and a budgeting app brings them together.” They’ve been dating for a year now and when they said they met through YNAB, we had to learn more. We talked to Adrianna to hear the …
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Web Release Notes: January 21, 2020

Today we’ve released a handful of infrastructural changes along with a nice, little fix to our API…which, have you heard of our API? It’s pretty neat. It allows developers to do cool stuff like create connections for Australian bank accounts or get your Roomba to chase you around your house when you don’t budget enough …

How to Budget in YNAB When You’re Broke

It can be tough to build a budget when things are tight. Not only are you learning a new method of budgeting, a new app, and new habits—on top of that, you’ve still got to feed the kids and find the money for the next bill. Enter: pounding, stress-inducing headache. Hold on a second. Deep …
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How Susan Uses a Budget for a More Peaceful Retirement

Susan is 73 years old, living in the DC metro area, and using YNAB to float through the tricky maze of managing her money in retirement. Here’s her story.  My Unexpected “Retirement” In 2010, I became “retired”—a little earlier than I had planned. After a successful career, my company did some restructuring and I was …
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5 Simple Steps To Building Your First Budget

You kind of, sort of, mostly know what a budget is, and you are pretty sure you don’t like it. Or at least that it will be very hard. As such, it’s always been pretty easy to come up with an excuse to avoid budgeting altogether. You tell yourself that you “just aren’t good at …
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6 Surprise Benefits From My First Month of Budgeting

We came across Kevin on Reddit, where he shared about his first month of budgeting with YNAB. He learned! He grew! And the freedom, oh the freedom! If you’re new to budgeting—or looking for renewed motivation—here are Kevin’s highlights from month one (only one month!) and a preview of what you might expect: What I …
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The Logic & Art of a YNAB Fresh Start

With the new year, there’s a lot of noise about new beginnings, clean slates, reinvention and do-overs. Or, as we like to call them here at YNAB, fresh starts. But, what is a budgeting fresh start, you might ask? Fresh starts are a useful (and dare I say invigorating?) way for seasoned YNABers to see …
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New to YNAB? Start Here!

Wondering where to start with YNAB budgeting? Start here: learn how to use the YNAB software in our short, free, budgeting videos.  So, you need a budget. Well, you came to the right place. No matter if you’ve been budgeting for two decades with a printed spreadsheet in your pocket or you have a history …
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