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October 19th, 2022

Release Notes

Welcome to today’s release notes, where we fixed some more “fun” (and by fun I mean not fun) bugs. First, we addressed an issue that would sometimes cause updating linked account connections to fail in peculiar ways—that one’s hard to explain, you’ll just have to trust me. We also fixed one where, when filtering transactions by first disabling and then enabling the Show Flags option, the Date and Category columns would progressively get smaller, illegible, and eventually disappear 😱. That won’t happen anymore. That’s not all! We handled another issue where the scheduled transaction header would stay in the same position and magically float on top of the transaction date as you scrolled through the register. It was magical, but not in the good way, and it also won’t happen anymore. Finally, we addressed two issues where expanding category groups was unexpectedly disabled. You can now once again collapse and expand category groups to your hearts content. Huzzah!