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Web Release Notes: July 23, 2019

Release Notes

As you may have noticed, we release new code every Tuesday and Thursday. Today’s release includes a number of changes that you probably won’t see in the app, but these changes are part of the necessary maintenance and set up that we do to facilitate larger improvements to YNAB and all of its glory.

While you may not notice these changes, you may notice that during our weekly releases, we take the app into maintenance mode for around 1-2 minutes, making the app unavailable. And sure, it might only be 1-2 minutes, but think of all the money-moving, reconciling and debt-crushing that can be done in that amount of time! So, chRIS (emphasis his) one of our super rad developers, found a way to only go into maintenance mode when we absolutely need to. So, carry on, knowing that we might totally be updating YNAB right now without you even realizing it!