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Web Release Notes: June 4, 2020

Release Notes

We really do put a ton of effort and resources into making sure that you can connect with your bank and give dollars jobs like it was…your job. We recently switched direct import providers (i.e. the service we use to connect YNAB to your bank to pull in transactions) and we hope and anticipate this will be a big improvement. However, there is no perfect way to have direct import work perfectly all the time, just like there is no perfect way to perfectly use the word “perfectly” perfectly multiple times in a sentence. So, in today’s release, we shipped an improvement to how we let you know about connections that don’t go…perfectly.

We’re now showing a “delayed” status for accounts / connections that go for some time without refreshing successfully. This can happen if the institution is having temporary issues or delaying our attempts to refresh the connection, or if it gets stuck somewhere in the process. The good news is that it usually fixes itself after a bit, but it serves as an alert to let you know things aren’t as good as they should be, and that the issues should be resolved momentarily. If you see a “delayed” status, we recommend waiting a couple of days before contacting Support. Read more about delayed connections.