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Web Release Notes: October 16, 2019

Release Notes

You know how sometimes you get so used to saying something out of habit that when the circumstances change slightly, you still say the same thing and it gets a little awkward? Like maybe you’re used to ending calls with your partner or your parents by saying, “K. Love you, bye.” But then, maybe you’re on a call with the city utility company trying to downsize your trash can and you accidentally say, “K. Love you, bye” to the person at the utility company. That’s probably never happened. But it has.

Today’s release fixes something super similar to showing accidental love to a stranger on the other end of the line. Sometimes, when YNABers were trying to link their bank account, we were showing them an error that said that they had failed to login, when, in fact, we were really just trying to tell them that they needed to confirm their email address. We’ve fixed that. And now your need to confirm your email will be clearly communicated, instead of a more generic failure error. Hopefully this will be less awkward. K. Love you, bye.