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Web Release Notes: September 1st, 2020

Release Notes

We never want to make too much of where this button is or that button is, but here goes, because it can actually be a real thing: We’ve continued to simplify the design of the account widget, what we oh-so-lovingly call the part of the app where you add accounts (really, we love it, but it hadn’t gotten as much attention as, say, the sidebar recently). Our goal is to make the account widget more helpful, readable, and easier to navigate. Today we’ve tried to do all three by moving the back and cancel buttons to the top, improving readability, navigability, and opening up the bottom real estate for the aforementioned helpfulness.

Now, a lot of other things happened since last week—from bug fixes related with To Be Budgeted in the first-time user experience and in subscription management, to some API formatting clean-up and more clean-up around the logic underlying Quick Budget. But for the details, let’s just say: “Bug fixes and background improvements.”