Release Notes

A steady stream of YNAB improvements for your reading pleasure. Grab some tea. Curl up with a Snuggy® and enjoy.

YNAB Is Always Improving
YNAB Is Always Improving

7 Jan 2016

  • Age of Money was not including payments to liability accounts (budget, or tracking) in its calculation. It now does, which means if you’re a heavy credit card user, you’ll see our Age of Money drop. Sorry about this one.
  • Some backend improvements.
  • Sometimes we were mistakenly matching two imported transactions with the same manually-entered transaction.
  • Migrated Line of Credit accounts from YNAB 4 weren’t behaving correctly.
  • Added “I think I found a bug” to the Get Help dialog. Because maybe you will.
  • Fixed a crash where you’d click to select a category, delete the selected category, shift+tab to go back to the payee, use the down arrow to select the payee, then if you used the ‘enter’ key then tabbed…it’d crash. Fixed.
  • If you opened a closed the budget category name really fast, you’d get a crash. Fixed.

5 Jan 2016

  • Added a dropdown to ‘Get Help’ so YNABers can find their answers a bit quicker.
  • Increased the sync speed if there’s another sync call happening at the same time.
  • Fixed that drop-shadow flicker on modal dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple scheduled transactions on the same date were showing the wrong underfunded warning in the category’s inspector.
  • You can now reset your password if your trial is expired.

4 Jan 2016

  • Category notes are now saved when you click away. Pro tip: [Shift]+[Enter] for new lines in the notes.
  • The tooltip explaining Age of Money is now accurate.
  • If you created an account, and then undid it, the balance wasn’t always removed from balance calculations. It is now.
  • A migrated account balance, once connected to a bank account, will have its balance updated.
  • Introduced “Fresh Start” migration to stop the bleeding on our Full Migration giving us so many issues. We are truly sorry on this one. Details here on how to migrate.

2 Jan 2016

  • Behind-the-scenes configurations to troubleshoot and improve YNAB 4 migration issues.
  • Updated the Age of Money tooltip to make it clearer.
  • Reduced server load by pinging for incoming data less often.
  • We were too cute with a tooltip around security, where we’d mentioned laser sharks. Made it sound like we’re not serious. And laser sharks aren’t even real.

2 Jan 2016

  • You can now perform calculations within the Budgeted cell in your Budget. Try it! Maybe something like… “4+8” “15*16” or “23-42”
  • Improved the way we store financial institutions available for direct import, improving performance.
  • It’s TARDIS, not Tardis. (Your budget loading screen.)
  • Two 404 fixes related to reconciliation and something else vaguely about money management.

31 Dec 2015

  • Performance tweaks around JSON payload parsing.
  • Apparently you spell it “bated,” not “baited.”
  • Added a link to the user guides when you click on your account at the bottom left.
  • When adding a new account, we now delineate tracking vs. budget accounts when selecting an account type.

30 Dec 2015

  • Initial release. Heyo.