Release Notes

A steady stream of YNAB improvements for your reading pleasure. Grab some tea. Curl up with a Snuggy® and enjoy.

YNAB Is Always Improving
YNAB Is Always Improving

13 June 2017

  • We made some improvements to our background processing system to allow us to prioritize things better and get the important ones to run earlier than the not so important ones.
  • There was a edge-case when selecting a payee for a transaction that could cause an error when trying to save it. Fixed!
  • Tons of other bugs fixes.
  • We’ve mentioned in recent release notes that we have been working on some big things and will release these in a big splash. This release continues that work and brings us so close!

07 June 2017

  • In our 25 May 2017 release, we mentioned we were slowly rolling out a new feature to help with managing your payee list. We’ve collected great feedback so far and made some nice improvements and bug fixes. With these changes in place, we will be able to release this to more users.
  • Since the last update, when adding new payee names, you might have noticed that special characters like ‘ & % >, etc. were showing as &#x60, &, or >, and other such gobbledygook. These are actually HTML character codes being encoded improperly, not some fancy new way of bleeping out swear words. Regardless, we’ve washed the payee fields mouth out with soap and will no longer show those codes.
  • When adding new accounts, we try to help with some sensible capitalization defaults for the account name. Unfortunately, there were some cApitalizatioN bugs (!), but we’ve fixed them.
  • A style fix to the sidebar that was causing the account list to blend with the items at the bottom and make them unreadable.
  • Quite a few other behind the scenes fixes to keep things running smooth.

01 June 2017

  • We’ve made some fixes to our data retention job to handle some rare, edge-case issues we have encountered recently. Per our data retention policy, we periodically delete the accounts and data of people who have moved on from YNAB. (If you’re not using the software you likely don’t want us hanging on to your data.) If your trial expired over 120 days ago or your subscription expired over three years ago, we’ll delete your account. But rest assured, Prodigal Son, you will always be welcomed back with open arms.
  • For new users, we won’t show your Age of Money number before it’s ready. If you miss the question marks we used to show as a teaser, please copy and save these question marks for later use: ???
  • Now that reports have been out the door for a while and we no longer run the risk of incurring the likes of “What?!? No reports and you’re wasting your time futzing around with favicons?!?!”, we’ve updated our favicons. New, higher resolution, and more device-specific. If you don’t care, kindly take a minute to be happy for our friends like Ivan who’s running the app in Linux Gnome Web browser on a HighDPI display. This will make their days just a tiny bit brighter (and less blurry).
  • The credit card payment flow got some love in terms of transaction import and matching: payee rename rules now work for transfers; imported transactions and transfers created from other imported transactions can now be manually matched; and when changing a transaction to a transfer, we will now perform matching on the target transfer account. Not exactly the kind of stuff that lends itself to a cute joke so we’ll just leave it at that. We’re rolling this change out slowly so if you aren’t lucky enough to have it early, you will soon!
  • We’ve removed the option to manually match an imported transaction to a scheduled transaction since it doesn’t really make sense. The scheduled transaction isn’t a real transaction. To which the scheduled transaction exclaims, “I’m a real boy!”
  • We continue tightening up the communications between the server and the apps. Now’s not the time for a Snapchat Story. We’re looking for something more like a Tweet. And an original Tweet at that, when 140-characters meant 140-characters.
  • Speaking of communications between the server and the apps, we’ve cut down superfluous syncs. No need for the chitchat if there’s nothing to say. This is YNAB, not Facebook.
  • The “secret sauce” continues to reduce, becoming thicker and more concentrated. Because no one likes their new features watery and underflavored.

25 May 2017

  • We were delaying Age of Money calculations in certain situations in order to get a handle on the performance issues we encountered a few weeks back. It didn’t make much of a difference so we’re welcoming back real-time AOM calcs! (Please don’t make a big deal about it as AOM is feeling a bit sensitive about its unwarranted demotion.)
  • We’re slowly rolling out a new feature to help with managing your payee list.  We’re collecting feedback and ensuring it is rock solid, all the while.
  • Unused payees are not used. Cute, huh? In a nutshell, if you change a transaction’s payee and that payee is no longer used, we don’t show it in the payee list anymore. Consequently, mobile get a slight performance boost.
  • On the subject of mobile performance, we’ve slimmed down the payload for calc-only syncs from mobile which makes these syncs a lot faster, putting less of a strain on our beloved database in the process. This has nothing to do with “middle-out” nor Weissman scores, but that would be cool if it did.
  • A bunch of other stuff we shouldn’t even mention because it will just frustrate you that we broach the subject but don’t really give you any substantive information about it.

16 May 2017

  • When you “swap payee and memo” with File Based Import, check numbers will no longer be included in the payee name. In other news, we’re considering addin an “include random numbers when swapping payee and memo” option to FBI, but there’s not much internal support.
  • If you’re on IE 10, the sidebar should look a bit nicer. Please don’t misconstrue this as a reason to switch to IE 10.
  • Our Direct Import partner is tidying up the available list of institutions by merging some of them, and we handle this seamlessly during imports. This brings to an unceremonious end our game of “guess which banking institution you really meant.” Sadly, there were no winners.

26 Apr 2017

  • If you imported a transaction, changed it to a split that transferred to another account and then later matched this transaction to a user entered transaction (whew!), the other side of the transfer would get detached from the original split. We’ve fixed this.
  • The “3 transactions need to be approved or categorized” message on the Accounts screen will now only count split transactions one time, regardless of how many of the splits are uncategorized.
  • Under some scenarios when importing transactions, we would set them as transfers to the transaction’s own account! We won’t do this anymore.
  • If a new version of YNAB was released while you were logged in and then you attempted to logout, an error would occur. Now, we’ll log you out, really.

13 Apr 2017

  • When you have transactions that need to be approved or categorized we show a notification, rightly so. Now, this notification will simply bring attention to the total number of transactions needing attention and allow you to quickly filter for them.
  • Huge under the hood changes to support some big features we will be releasing in the not-too-distant future.
  • A fix for a credit card payment category activity bug that would cause returns to reduce the wrong account category balance (in some cases). We’re slowly rolling this one out but we’ll give you a heads up if and when this fix gets rolled out to your budget.
  • Alexa Skill: now, the YNAB Alexa skill will attempt to use the currency setting on the budget you have linked for responses, rather than assuming the currency type based on your physical location.
  • We are experimenting with some changes to the way we handle budget calculations that should increase the overall performance of YNAB.  Yay!

30 Mar 2017

  • Lots of behind-the-scenes work on bank connections. Setup, maintenance and reliability will all improve!
  • We fixed an issue with the redo button jumping down when you had many transactions selected.
  • We are experimenting with a few tweaks to our on-boarding process to make it smoother than ever.
  • If you change your account email address we will now send a verification email to the original email address.
  • To make accountants cringe less when viewing the tooltip on negative/positive categories, we are removing parentheses around numbers in category balance tooltips.
  • We’re still working hard on a feature we will release in one big splash. We can’t wait for you to see it!

24 Mar 2017

  • Lots of behind-the-scenes work for bank connections. Setup, maintenance and reliability will all improve!
  • Some minor security improvements.
  • The bulk of our engineering/design effort is all still focused on what we’ll be releasing in one big splash. (It can’t be released piece-meal.)

09 Mar 2017

  • When you bulk categorize transactions, we now have that update the Autofill Learning that is used for subsequent smarter categorization of transactions as they’re imported. (Basically, what you expected to happen more often will now happen more often.)
  • Those checkboxes…You’d click one…two…nine… and then on that tenth and final checkbox you’d just barely miss it. This would, much to your chagrin (and mine) deselect all of your other checkboxing work. Now we’ve made those checkbox click targets much larger. Thank goodness.
  • We had a nasty bug around undoing a split transfer. That bug has been eradicated.
  • We did a lot of other important stuff behind the scenes! The largest portion of work is still only releasable in one fell swoop. Can’t wait to get in your hands, but it’ll be a while yet.

28 Feb 2017

This was one of our biggest polish releases in quite some time! So while we only give you the highlight reel here, there was a whole lot done behind the scenes.

  • We made some improvements to our sync algorithm for more reliability.
  • There are some fantastic behind-the-scenes improvements to our Direct Connect with Banks feature.
  • We can’t wait to get this into your hands!
  • We polished up the styling around hidden category names that are very, very long. You people love descriptive category names.
  • Some keyboard action polish around a payee or category dropdown losing its focus and where that focus should land next.
  • In Firefox, we fixed a bug where the Budgeted textbox was unclickable if the row was draggable.
  • With scheduled transactions, we’ve made sure the system can only create one transaction for each date.
  • If you don’t have any accounts set up, we now handle that with a bit more grace and aplomb.
  • And hey, we bumped up a few ticks in our Rails version

21 Feb 2017

  • We fixed a bug that would erroneously show scheduled transactions when searching for unapproved/approved transactions.
  • Fresh Start: now when you Fresh Start, your budget name gets appended with “(Archived on … )” instead of “Before Fresh Start on …”.
  • The list of budgets is now ordered by when you last changed them, not when you last opened them. Also, if you have the “Open last used budget by default” option selected, we’ll now open the last budget you changed, not the last one you opened.
  • Some on-boarding tweaks to fix some bugs, make things work a bit better, and add some more guidance.
  • Some database updates to improve sync performance.

6 Feb 2017

  • We fixed some situations where transfers were being orphaned. It’s just as sad as it sounds.
  • We love a good mix tape as much as the next guy, but music notes were appearing inside checkboxes. Something to do with encoding that had nothing to do with music.
  • And of courses Fixes that Shall Not Be Named.

2 Feb 2017

A super small Thursday release that paves the way for some bigger changes coming down the pike:

  • You know when your kids won’t keep their hands to themselves during really long car trips? Well, when selecting your own month and year in an account filter, the previously selected date preset wouldn’t keep its hands to itself. This caused the month and year you selected to behave irrationally. We gave a stern look to the date preset (via the rearview mirror) and it shouldn’t happen again.
  • An under the hood change to take a bit of load off our servers

31 Jan 2017

  • We tweaked onboarding for new users just a bit. Made budgeting a bit more intentional (no surprise there!).
  • We made signing in faster for users by keeping script loading cut to a minimum.
  • Budget sync logic was improved to lock always and early, and let the client respond appropriately.
  • Lots of other behind the scenes fixes and polish.
  • I’ve said it before and will say it again. We have a lot of stuff we’re having to hold back to make one big splash. Then we’ll get to do the iterative smaller stuff again!

18 Jan 2017

  • We had some category reordering issues that are now resolved.
  • Also, emojis strike again. We’re now allowing whitespace from text you folks enter so emojis don’t overlap regular text.
  • We now allow a category to be set from the other side of an off-budget scheduled transfer. Confused? Me too. Just know that it now works as expected. 😉
  • We did some nice stuff with new user onboarding and this included a few points of polish.
  • And, of course, a lot of stuff we don’t mention here.
  • Still hard at work on features that will land all at once, where we can’t release them piecemeal in any fashion.

11 Jan 2017

  • We improved scrolling in the account register and fixed an annoying bug where the register would stick on a white screen.
  • Filtering by a single month is now fixed.
  • There were some banking institutions that, frankly, just up and disappeared on us. They’re now back in our supported institutions list and we’ve prevented that from happening again.
  • And of course some behind the scenes stuff.

We’re working on some bigger (or would you say, “smaller?”) stuff that will release all at once. Hence the short lists of improvements as of late. 🙂

6 Jan 2017

  • Getting started is half (most? all?) of the battle, so we’ve been hard at work on supports for brand-new users. We’ll begin rolling those out today, a little bit at a time.
  • Our Undo button has always looked too much like a Refresh button. We made it better. And labeled it. You know, with the word Undo. So. Much. Better. (Of course, the Redo button got similar love.)
  • We fixed an issue where, by re-sizing your window, you could make the Filter menu and Search box float around where they didn’t belong.
  • Since the launch of our new website, we’ve found a few straggling links that led to nowhere. Links to nowhere are not helpful, so we fixed ‘em up.
  • We recognize that, when you’re searching for a number with the “Find any field” search, you’re probably looking for the number in front of the decimal. So now that’s what we’ll show you.
  • And, as always, a few invisible-to-the-eye improvements to security and back-end performance.

UPDATE: Part of our first release today made it impossible to use Reconciliation, which (like a link to nowhere) was not helpful. Our second release delivered the fix. Reconcile away!

4 Jan 2017

  • Happy New Year!
  • We’re now filtering scheduled transactions (more) properly.
  • When searching for an inflow/outflow amount, we now take decimals into account (when your currency even uses a decimal).
  • We removed the Today’s Balance from the edit menu of closed accounts. No need. It’s closed, man.
  • When a search included a split in its results, the “Selected Total” amount (which we all love) was including the entire split transaction amount, NOT just the subtransaction relevant to the search.
    We fixed a calculation bug that was occasionally hitting us on mobile.
  • We’re hard at work on the mobile apps. They’re getting serious 2017 love.

7 Dec 2016

  • We added some more generic payees to ignore during our behind-the-scenes renaming machinations.
  • Alexa now ignores emojis. The only appropriate time to ignore emojis.
  • Alexa also now handles inflows with aplomb. “I [received|got|accepted] $xx]…”
  • On goals with a target balance by date, we’re now handling the situation where a target balance was met with funds rolled over from a prior month, and then had a negative amount budgeted to it with resulting weirdness. Weirdness is gone.
  • And of course, those important fixes that need no mention.

30 Nov 2016

  • Like a tasty sticky bun, the category column for the Income v. Expense report is now sticky. When you scroll right, it will demonstrate its stickiness by sticking (not scrolling). We’re happy to get this one out there for y’all! Especially if it helps you stick to your budgeting even just a bit better. Also, what’s brown and sticky? A stick. We’ll be here all week.
  • Lots of behind the scenes work around our built-in help, Oauth, direct connect, auth tokens, and other sundries.

22 Nov 2016

  • We made a bunch of improvements to the subscription process that will allow us to be more flexible and responsive in the future. For really cool stuff.
  • We fixed a bug that was getting in the way of using the slick new Alexa skill (that Alexa owners talk to their budgets!).
  • And a few other “under the hood” fixes that will make your driving budgeting happy.

17 Nov 2016

  • Tidied up some errors with the newly-released search.
  • We added a scrollbar to the dropdown menu for subcategories. Some of us apparently use a very small screen, or have a very long list of categories.
  • Our new ‘help’ access point was being less than helpful in that it was blocking some of the UI for some users. We’ve fixed that. (Sorry about that one!)
  • We now show a selected total when multiple transactions are selected:

  • We also fixed sorting by flag color and a bit of keyboard navigation on the calendar dropdown when adding transactions.
  • And … Scheduled transactions just got a whole lot better. A scheduled transfer will now show up in both accounts (genius!). And, for bills that you pay early (ridiculous budgeter that you are), you’ll find “Enter Now” in the Edit menu.

15 Nov 2016

Tuesday Tweaking

  • Our new Help button has been super-helpful – except when it covered the bottom of your Income v Expense report or the cleared column at the very bottom of your account. So we’ve nudged it over a bit and given you the superpower to see right through it.
  • Pro Tip: If you’re on a Mac, and the Help button is still covering your cleared column, head for Settings > General and choose one of these top two options for scrolling:

  • Speaking of scrollbars and the Income v Expense report, a horizontal scrolling bug made it difficult to see multiple months of data. Scroll to your heart’s content, it’s fixed.
  • We’re slowly rolling out a couple of enhancements for entering scheduled transactions, and today’s update incorporates some feedback from early testers. Stay tuned!
  • As always, some nifty behind-the-scenes improvements made their way in here, too.

8 Nov 2016

  • Got some stuff in place for mobile functionality down the road.
  • Alexa now supports UK English. The One True English.
  • Polished up reports based on fantastic feedback from people like you.
  • We now show transfers to Tracking Accounts in the spending totals/trends report.
  • There was a bug where your Net Worth would drop even when it shouldn’t have. I had a funny joke to go along with this, but is there anything funny about net worth dropping? No there’s not.
  • We fixed a bug around the count of split transactions when filtering.
  • We’re slowly introducing a feature where you don’t have to leave YNAB to look up how to do things in the app AND it’s clearer how you can write in to chat with our crack support reps.
  • We did a lot of behind the scenes work that goes unnoticed individually, but in the aggregate makes all the difference.
  • To our friends all over the US: Vote!

27 Oct 2016

The Reports Report

A few post-launch fix-ups and polish for the new Reports…

  • The Income v Expense report now includes transactions from closed accounts. Closed account transactions are transactions, too.
  • Any transaction categorized as Inflow: To be Budgeted will now be classified as Income on the Income v Expense report. Because, well, the name says it all.
  • All reports will now extend only to the current month, since you can’t really report on spending that hasn’t happened yet.
  • We fixed a calculation bug that could lead to some incorrect numbers on the Net Worth report. Fixing this bug was totally worth it.
  • It used to be that with all categories selected, and drilling down into a category, then filtering out to select multiple categories that are not the category that was drilled down into, all categories weren’t showing. They should have been, except of course for the filtered out ones. That’s fixed. (That’s not easy to follow, but we never said we wouldn’t fix edge cases.)
  • We also fixed a bug that could result in Search not finding transactions with decimals correctly. Decimals are pretty common, even if this bug wasn’t.
  • And finally: Net Worth, trend line. That’s it.

24 Oct 2016

  • Reports are in and available to everyone. Blog post here.
  • Search is in and available to everyone.
  • This push added some nice polish to reports, based on feedback from early folks.
  • We now allow the matching of transactions with different amounts. Thank you to those that wrote in with very clear use cases for this!
  • We polished up the matching of transactions  across accounts, for the unlikely situation where your partner perhaps dutifully logged all of their transactions on their phone (victory!) but did it to the wrong account (a small skirmish lost!) and you don’t have the heart to tell them that all of their work was almost, but not quite, perfect. Instead, you’ll just match up the imported transaction with their dutifully-entered-by-their-phone transaction and tell them, “Excellent work! You rock! Let’s carve a pumpkin!”
  • In the popover for Activity in the budget, the tooltip wasn’t showing the whole value of a column, which defeats the second purpose of a tooltip (the first purpose is to make a joke).

19 Oct 2016

“Goal line push”

  • We’ve brought random YNAB users into our pool for testing some new features coming soon. Most of this fix was related to fantastic finds coming from those random (helpful) users!
  • In our never-ending quest to include every kind of permutation for a QIF file for import, we’re now allowing the M/D and M/D’Y format.
  • Some never-obvious-but-always-helpful-behind-the-scenes work.

12 Oct 2016

  • We’ve made some improvements to the search feature as we’re slowly rolling out and testing it. (One item in particular was around searching split transactions.) It’s looking good! #progress
  • We added some more payees that, like a strange family member at Thanksgiving, should probably be ignored (for payee renaming).
  • Memory leaks fixed. As exciting as it sounds!
  • Now when you Quickbudget with no categories selected, you won’t overwrite categories that have already been budgeted.
  • We have some cool stuff in the works. This final quarter’s going to be a bit cuh-razy.

6 Oct 2016

“The Calm Before the Storm” Release

  • We fixed some issues with split transactions around undoing, duplicates, and “What the…” moments (specifically on tracking accounts).
  • We fixed some more stuff in preparation for some stuff to be released in the not-so-distant future.
  • Lots of other housekeeping items.

21 Sep 2016

The Fiddler on the Roof edition.

  • You can now match a manually entered transaction with a bank-imported transaction. We had no idea y’all got so many warm fuzzies from manually matching those two lovebirds together. Read the whole blog post here.
  • We disabled spell check on email, account, payee, and category fields to prevent Safari from being a little too helpful.
  • We were still having some dragging issues with folks dragging bank transaction files into YNAB when they’re running Firefox. We are no longer having those issues.
  • And we’re oh so slowly rolling out SEARCH. This one has enough functionality in it that we’re releasing in stages. It’ll hit the YNAB team today, then more and more users over the next week or so.

15 Sep 2016

Happy Thursday to you all!

  • There was an error when dragging text in the Firefox browser. It was a drag on some users and we fixed it.
  • We’ve improved the account dropdown (better type-ahead search and navigation) when you’re adding/editing a transaction from the ‘All Accounts’ view. By all accounts, it’s working very well. (I can do this all day.)
  • You can now set flags on scheduled transactions. We tested the feature thoroughly and it passed with flying colors.
  • This bug was hidden deep (some would say twice) and is now fixed. You could hide a category after hiding it, which made it so you could no longer unhide it.

7 Sep 2016

  • When you delete a budget, we made it so you could actually see the name of the budget you were deleting – in two places, which is better than the zero places before.
  • We fixed a bug (that we had just created) where we weren’t warning you that a transaction needed a category when it, in fact, needed a category.
  • The web app and mobile apps weren’t always referring to scheduled transactions in the same way, which could lead to disagreement, at least between your apps. They’re now in perfect agreement.
  • We added some more generic payees to ignore when matching transactions. We’re going to keep doing this.
  • When running calculations, we now make sure sub-transactions are always grouped with parent transactions. Otherwise, the calculations could be (to use a technical term) “off”. Now they won’t be.
  • If you scrolled even moderately quickly through a long list of register transactions, you could get a lag and a screen full of white space – so we cut the screen rendering time in half (meaning you can still make this happen, but seriously, you don’t need to scroll that fast. Cut it out.)
  • Bulk renaming of imported transactions will now only rename transactions you have not yet approved. This is better than renaming your old, already spruced-up transactions, which happened to a few folks (yikes!)
  • And, as usual, a few other smaller bug fixes and optimizations that make your budget better, but would only make this set of release notes longer.

29 Aug 2016

An early-week release that’s laying the groundwork for some secret things. Also:

  • “Customer Deposit” is now a sacred payee that will deflect renaming attempts.
  • Mobile calculations are improved: more logging.
  • We now create the other side of a split transaction’s sub-transaction, even if the parent was a schedule transaction. Confused? Trust us, this was a bug that needed fixing.

25 Aug 2016

A middle-of-the-week quick little release to handle a few things. Bigger things coming. (Always.)

  • We improved the login flow for college students using the new YNAB. Welcome, students! Budget often, and study hard!
  • Chase Bank started doing something weird with their memos, passing in null on every one of them. A helpful memo for sure. Thanks for pinging us Chloé!
  • We’re ignoring a few more generic payees on import.
  • We now import the CSV given from Smile Bank (UK).
  • The tooltip on a category in your budget now shows you the note of that category, instead of just telling you the name of the category (again). Hat tip to @erlingormar for the suggestion. (And yes, it truly was a quick win.)

23 Aug 2016

  • We did some behind-the-scenes stuff in preparation for our college student program with the new YNAB.
  • We worked more on the secret thing I referenced a bit ago. It’s getting better and is almost ready to be rolled out to the team, then piecemeal to you wonderful people.
  • We were mistakenly autofilling a category when entering transactions in tracking accounts. Tracking accounts don’t need a category.
  • We made some improvements around the Account Settings page so it was less confusing to do things like change your email or password.
  • We no longer import “0” check numbers. Yes, some banks populate their check # field with “0” if there isn’t a check number.
  • The dropdown for payees now sorts smarter. So, if you have 85 payees that start with some variant of “Amazon” when you start typing “Amazon” it will be at the top instead of the bottom.
  • We now correctly prevent duplicate payees if a person happens to list that same payee multiple times in a split transaction. Would that ever happen? Yes, apparently it would.

16 Aug 2016

All the engineers are here at YNAB HQ hacking away on some cool stuff for the next two days, but wanted to get out this release!

  • We fixed the “don’t remind me option” when importing bank files. You’d tell it not to remind you, and it would just keep on reminding you anyway.
  • Inspector totals now include uncategorized amounts (when more than one category is selected).
  • We fixed exporting the full category name when…exporting.
  • In true Olympic spirit, we changed the “Real” currency to be “Brazilian Real”
  • User sent us a tweet with a nice suggestion to include a category’s note as the tooltip when hovering over a category name. Nice touch.
  • There was some strange wrapping in the budget header that we took care of. Also, a bit of shifting of UI elements when navigating months.
  • We fixed that situation where you’re sorting by the ‘cleared’ column and it wouldn’t sort by said column.
  • Did a lot of under the hood work in preparation for more mobile capabilities.
  • And we refactored computed properties! Huzzah!
  • Also, a lot of bug fixes not worthy of release notes, but worthy of an anonymous mention like this one.

29 Jul 2016

Just lots of under the hood fixes to make things better for you, without you ever really knowing what they were.

  • Edit: I stand corrected. Our Customer Support Team let me know that a lot of you were anxious for us to fix some bugs around File-Based Importing date errors. Those have been fixed.

26 Jul 2016

The Stranger Things Edition

Stranger Things

  • You probably didn’t notice, but the budget header would shift its elements from side to side a bit when navigating months. It was strange and we fixed it.
  • Scheduled transactions had multiple instances of very strange behavior, especially around duplicate firings of a transaction. Fixed!
  • Something secret.
  • For folks just coming to YNAB, we’ve made the app a bit more welcoming, with nice little tidbits to teach new folks our Strange Ways.
  • This was pretty strange (of you to do), but if you hit Enter twice quickly while adding a category, the app would crash. Now you can hit Enter twice quickly and the app does not crash.
  • Now, when you Fresh Start a budget (who hasn’t?!), we carry over the monthly notes. In case you’d written something super sentimental (or witty) in there.
  • We were allowing folks to add and import transactions to closed accounts. Strange we ever did it that way in the first place.
  • And something really exciting, we’re now consistently and automatically formatting TypeScript files in our shared library. Hey-o! Party hats on!

20 Jul 2016

  • Fixed an issue that caused deleted accounts to reappear without being able to be deleted.
  • Previously, after doing a Fresh Start, sometimes the old copy of the budget wasn’t renamed correctly.
  • Removed the animation that occurred when deleting transactions, as it caused some other issues.
  • YNAB no longer shows future/scheduled debt payments as paid.
  • You can now drag bank files from the Chrome Download Bar into YNAB to begin importing the transactions in that file.
  • Changed where we calculate the Percentage complete a goal is.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen on the budget screen if you held CMD+up or CMD+down to toggle collapsing of categories.
  • Now if you type a category note and then click away, the notes are automatically saved.
  • Off-budget transactions can no longer be included for sub-categories on the mobile apps.
  • Improve the flow when importing large bank files or files with multiple accounts.

8 Jul 2016

  • Improved handling of bank files in UTF-8 format.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Quick-Budget button to budget an amount behind the scenes for the uncategorized category.
  • Added the ability to request extra information to help us connect to banks that aren’t working.
  • Fixed the alignment of numbers in pills in the account sidebar.
  • Improved the speed with which scheduled transactions were calculated.
  • Added some payees to the list of payees that we know are “generic” and shouldn’t be automatically renamed when importing from the bank.
  • When using Quick-Budget averages, YNAB only computes the average to 2 decimal places.
  • The “Move Money” dialog will no longer be empty if you scroll down before typing in the search box.
  • Fixed some errors that caused the Microsoft Edge browser not to render the subscription checkout page correctly.

5 Jul 2016

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling down on the budget screen and then editing a category was causing it to scroll back to the top of the screen.

30 Jun 2016

  • Fixed some issue with File-Based importing of bank files
  • Fixed the handling of the Cancel/Escape flow when connecting to your bank.

29 Jun 2016

  • Improved the way YNAB colors the message when it tells you how much money will be available after the upcoming transactions are taken into account.
  • Fixed an infinite loop on Safari that you could get into when clicking in a transaction to edit it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused payments to show up as returns on the Credit Card payment category inspector.

28 Jun 2016

  • If you set a flag in the mobile app, and then clicked on that flag in the web application, you wouldn’t see the white checkmark next to the selected flag. You will now.
  • If you migrate your YNAB 4 budget to the new YNAB, and you happen to have a badly formed payee rename rule, it could cause all of your imported transactions to get renamed to the exact same Payee. If you only ever shop at one store, that is a feature because we saved you some time. For the rest of you, we now ignore those silly rules.
  • When you click to unhide a category, there is now a scrollbar displayed if the list of categories is too long.

27 Jun 2016

  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when displaying the category dropdown list when adding/editing a transaction.
  • Improved how we handle connecting to your bank if you accidentally entered the wrong credentials, or if you credentials have changed.
  • A couple of other fixes behind the scenes.

22 Jun 2016

  • We upgraded the framework that we use to power the web application, which is a fancy way of saying that we sped up the web app (and gave ourselves room to make it even snappier). (For you techies reading this, we upgraded to Ember 1.13 in preparation for moving to 2.x later on.)
  • Fixed some bank file importing issues reported by our internal testing. (We are getting closer all the time to letting you use it too)
  • Reduced the number of syncs that would happen between our web app and server under certain circumstances.
  • The page no longer jumps when entering a long category note
  • We handle certain notifications from our billing provider better behind the scenes.
  • You can now use pinch to zoom when using the web app on a tablet.

17 Jun 2016

  • Ramped up full migration of YNAB 4 data a good bit. Monitoring and it’s looking great.
  • Added a couple of new loading messages.
  • A number of behind the scenes changes.

17 Jun 2016

  • We made some improvements to direct import messaging. If you run into some errors with credentials, we now handle it more gracefully so you can be up and running much faster.
  • Ramped up full migration of YNAB 4 data a good tic. Monitoring and it’s looking good. Thanks to all of you folks that have provided us early feedback!
  • Made the sync between devices/computers a bit less chatty.

And we’re done until next week. No way we’re going to do another push so close to the weekend.

Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun 2016

Hello, friend.

  • Lots of internal work. Bumping dependencies. Bumping fists.
  • Crazy error where if you moved transactions from an account, and then deleted the source account, the transactions would still delete. Sorry about that one. Grateful for undo.
  • Some improvements to Bank File Import (that still remains behind a curtain of secrecy for the time being).
  • We’re no longer including reconciled transactions in counts for alerts in the sidebar.
  • Fixed some mobile calculations for our v2 engine.
  • Hidden category groups without categories now show in the hidden categories.
  • We’ve slowly been rolling out full YNAB 4 migration to thousands of you fine folks.

8 Jun 2016

  • We’ve prepared some onboarding for when folks migrate from YNAB 4. It’ll explain changes and make things much clearer.
  • We released v2 of our calculation engine for mobile. It makes mobile calculations much faster. Which makes everything about YNAB faster.
  • Under the hood work for some coming functionality around scheduled transactions.
  • The ‘cancel’ button in some of our dialog boxes didn’t have the right icon. Now it does.
  • Improved some error handling around invalid credentials for directly connecting to your bank.
  • Today we’ll start bringing people in for full migration. Little bits at a time 🙂

3 Jun 2016

  • If you leave the app open, and we release a new version of the web app, the app will detect it immediately and tell you to reload in order to get the new hotness. This is how it used to work, but we introduced a bug last week that waited for you to make a change before giving you the good news that there was a new version.
  • If you edit the account balance of a credit card (or any other liability account), and the balance is currently 0, we now assume you are typing a negative number. (Your credit card balance is probably not positive)
  • Some behind the scenes fixes to logging and error handling.
  • Some improvements to bank file import that we’re testing internally.

1 Jun 2016

  • We did some under the hood work on YNAB 4 to have it work with our new calculation engine. This all in preparation for full importing of YNAB 4 data.
  • Fixed some Nasties the YNAB team found when importing bank files. We’re glad to have found them, instead of you finding them. Dogfooding FTW.
  • We were saying “in 1 months” if you were going to reach your goal in one months. Dang. Did it again. In one month.
  • Lots of other internal fixes and optimizations.

26 May 2016

  • Fixed a bug where the account name of a closed account could never be used again. For habitual account opener/closers, it made for some tough renaming patterns (Checking1, Checking2, CheckingWhyThisBug?!, etc.).
  • We no longer save imported payees to your payee list if they were just matched & approved with manual transaction. Bank payee “AUTO IMPORT UNHELPFUL BANK PAYEE” matches with payee “Delightful Desserts” and we get rid of the unhelpful payee from your payee list.
  • Bank file import is now in live testing. This means we’ve rolled it out to YNAB team members, and will stress test it with ~40 of us, If it’s looking solid (it passed QA, so it’s got legs!), we will start ramping it up for a percentage of users. Hopefully the ramp up happens fairly quickly because heaven knows a lot of you have been patiently waiting for this since we launched the new YNAB.
  • We’re doing a lot of behind the scenes work for full migration of YNAB data. We’re seeing a lot of strange data come across on imports, so we’re prepping for those edge cases. It’s looking pretty good and we hope to have it fully rolled out soon.
  • We now only include an uncategorized transaction warning for open accounts. We were including closed accounts and shouldn’t have been.
  • Category balances were truncating in the category dropdown and we’re now preventing that.
  • Filtering by notification was off at times. That’s been fixed.
  • If you were entering a split transaction in a budget account, and then changed it to a tracking account, we wouldn’t remove the split, even though tracking accounts don’t have categories. We now enforce it appropriately.

23 May 2016

  • Now, when adding a transaction, if you select a future date it doesn’t automatically close the date calendar picker. Before, it would do that, and then you wouldn’t be able to choose a frequency for your scheduled transaction.
  • We updated messaging in the category “Inspector” (the light-blue section on the right) to reflect a few more edge cases around credit card overspending, especially when the category as a whole also had some cash overspending.
  • Scheduled sub-transactions (transactions that are a part of a split) weren’t necessarily always firing. Now they are.
  • The modal that would appear when you wanted to move an account was being wonky. We’ve removed the wonk.
  • We were road blocking Windows Surface (RT/Pro) users accidentally. No longer!
  • “Budget for Upcoming” Quickbudget option is now simply a total of upcoming transactions. It doesn’t try and be any smarter than that.
  • We now detect substrings when typing to find a category during transaction adding/editing. So if you have a category called “Music/Books” and type “boo” we’ll now surface that category as an option. Before, if you’d typed “boo” we would have thought you were trying to scare us.
  • Now when adding/editing transfers, we make sure the memo shows on both sides of the transfer.
  • Now when you cancel editing a goal, the values are reset back to their original values.
  • When there is an ‘uncategorized’ row in the Budget, we weren’t allowing you to drag categories just underneath it. Now we allow that.
  • We no longer show the “Hidden” category group when there are no hidden categories.
  • And seriously, probably 30 other fixes/improvements that are still really great finds and fixes, but just too many to list here.

13 May 2016

  • As of about 24 hours ago, every YNAB user has been upgraded to V2 of our Calc Engine. It results in speed improvements of about 10x on web and mobile. This paves the way for full YNAB 4 migration, which we’re slowly turning on and monitoring.
  • We’ve also been back and forth on a review of the iOS app. We have some sweet new stuff in there you’re going to love! (Let’s just get Apple loving it as well so it’ll be approved.)

4 May 2016

  • Did some bug fixes on a new calc engine that’s about 10x faster. We’re just slowly letting people in, tweaking and stress testing. The calc engine is what paves the way for full YNAB 4 migration to the new YNAB.
  • We made some changes to onboarding so it would board people on more effectively.
  • We now skip importing transactions with a $0 amount.
  • Made a fix to split transfer payee name formatting on mobile.
  • The “Upcoming Transactions” section of the Budget Inspector was incorrect sometimes. Now that’s fixed.
  • There were some on-budget transfer issues with YNAB 4 full imports. Now fixed.

15 Apr 2016

Hey U.S. folks, let’s all just pause and enjoy the fact that we don’t pay taxes today, but in three days.

  • Fixed a bunch of styling for IE 11. Thanks IE!
  • Some ‘budgeted in future’ amounts were off. We’re actually working on a larger fix for the whole TBB number in general. It’s something we’ll roll out slowly and test. But in the meantime, there’s this.
  • Laying the groundwork to be able to force an app update to mobile, just in case.
  • Various bug fixes around properties, lazily loading things, ensuring, confirming, preventing, setting, and supporting. Generally speaking.

5 Apr 2016

  • We can now slowly let people in and test importing of full YNAB 4 budgets “in the wild.” We’re testing it first on production with the YNAB Team and will branch out from there.
  • We were incorrectly including deleted split sub-transactions in the “uncategorized” category.
  • Edits to upcoming sub-transactions in splits weren’t retaining their transfer account. Fixed.
  • We fixed an edge bug with the calculation for an “underfunded” category with upcoming transactions and a monthly funding goal.
  • Other small bug fixes and visual polish.

1 Apr 2016

  • Some of the goal warning text was confusing. One even just said, “TRUE.” True? Yes. Helpful? Not so much.
  • We’re now correctly excluding split parent transactions in the credit card payment category’s activity popup.
  • We’re timestamping when accounts last directly imported so we can get a bead on uptime, stability, error states, etc.
  • Now, when you click on an available category balance, the Move Money popup that appears is so much better. You can start typing the destination category and YNAB will find it.
  • We’ve feature-flagged the start of a faster calculation engine, which means full YNAB 4 imports. Feature-flagging it will let us test it gradually. We’ll slowly be turning the feature on for users as our stress tests come back not stressful. You’ll see in the app when it’s turned on for you. You’ll also notice it, because all the things will be faster.
  • We fixed a bug with imported transfer transactions and their matching.
  • We found some instances of some hidden categories that look like they were at the bottom of your category list instead of being hidden, and are fixing those instances.
  • We also accidentally introduced a new bug: Hitting the “C” key when you have a transaction selected will result in an error. Sorry about that! We’ve fixed it already.

25 Mar 2016

  • We updated our humans.txt file. I had to find out exactly what that is.
  • We’ll now only attempt to import “active” transactions from our direct connect transaction provider. We’ve improved the detection of duplicate transactions when directly importing from your bank.
  • Fixed an issue where the split button wasn’t working in Chrome.
  • Made it a bit easier for folks on the trial to see where they should go to subscribe.
  • We now prevent disabled transfer payees. You could get in a state where the category would be disabled, but still show it was categorized.
  • The credit card activity popup was rendering strangely in IE. We explored the internet, found the problem, and fixed it for fellow internet explorers.
  • Also, you’ve probably already seen our tweets, or perhaps the status page, but I am so sorry for the outage yesterday. It was completely my fault, and the worst part of it was that the mistake was made quickly, but the fix took hours to jump to every part of the internet in its propagation. I can’t remember the last time I did something so dumb (that was work-related). We’ve implemented a new policy so this won’t happen again. The policy is that I no longer have access to our domain registrar. Other than that, March 24th was a pretty normal day.

23 Mar 2016

  • The category inspector on the right side of the Budget now shows you the amount you’ll have available in the selected category when accounting for scheduled transactions.
  • A few UI tweaks where things were wrapping to a new line when they shouldn’t have.
  • Touched up a couple of payees that shouldn’t be part of rename rules.
  • We updated some error messaging around direct connect issues to be clearer on the what and why behind banks not connecting as expected.
  • There was a bug where you’d be filtering by transactions that need approval and would categorize one as a split. The filter would immediately apply and make that split disappear, even though you were just getting started on your thoughtful categorization of said split transaction.
  • We no longer count split subtransactions as part of transaction counts. (The ‘edit’ transaction button would overstate the number of transactions actually selected.)

16 Mar 2016

  • We now have a feature flagging system in place. It doesn’t sound so cool to you, but it will lead to very exciting things.
  • Polish all over the place. Alignment and sizing tweaks, a few things that wrapped when they shouldn’t have, etc.
  • We fixed a very rare crash when cloning a budget.
  • Added some more clarity to messaging around paying nothing on a credit card that has a balance.
  • The inspector that shows the balance calculation was showing negative cash balances carrying forward when they do not.
  • Undo/redo is now more reliable when creating goals.

8 Mar 2016

  • We introduced a new popup when you click on the Activity number for one of your credit card payment categories. It should provide a lot more clarity around credit cards and how we handle them in YNAB. Excited for this one. To enable this feature, we’re doing recalculations on everyone’s budgets over the next 24 hours or so. Until those calculations are complete, you may see ‘…’ for numbers in that popup requiring the new calculations.
  • If you create a budget goal for a month in the future, we don’t show that goal in the current month.
  • There were a few niggly bugs we fixed around goal calculations relating to credit card activity.
  • There were goals with a target month of January that weren’t retaining that target month. Goals start (and end?) in January, so that didn’t make sense.
  • A few other small calculation fixes.
  • We added some generic payee names that will skip payee rename rules.
  • We’re working on the underpinnings of some tech that will let us slowly bleed out features for release. Catch bugs early and often. That kind of thing.
  • We now show the memo column in the category Activity popup.

4 Mar 2016

  • Fixed an error that caused transactions that didn’t have a flag to be represented on mobile devices incorrectly.
  • A behind-the-scenes fix related to how we handle billing.

1 Mar 2016

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused an error when clicking on the “Activity” number for certain categories that had split transactions, where neither the split nor the parent transaction, had a payee.
  • Fixed some rare bugs in how certain values were being calculated.
  • Fixed a bug related to the way certain payees were renamed when imported.

25 Feb 2016

  • Added two payees to the list of payees that aren’t automatically renamed when being imported from the bank: “Check Withdrawal” and “[No description provided by institution]”

23 Feb 2016

  • We resolved the issue with exporting from last week, so you can now really export your data—transactions and budget‚—in CSV format. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, YNAB exports as TSV, or “tab separated” format. Too many commas would get crazy, real quick.)
  • It’s usually not good to be insensitive. Except in sorting. Our Payee sorting used to be case sensitive, so ALL CAPS payees got WAY too much priority. Payees are now sorted in a case insensitive way. So Books are next to BOOTS.
  • You can now reuse and recycle a budget name if you’ve deleted it. Because no one needs a budget called “My Budget 6”.
  • We’ve updated the styling on messages in the Inspector, because we don’t want you to miss them. You won’t.
  • We fixed an issue where, if you had an upcoming transaction that was funded (nice!) and a goal that was not funded (uh-oh!), we still showed the category as green. That didn’t help you make decisions, because it should have been yellow (keep budgeting! move money!). Now it will be.

18 Feb 2016

  • You can now export your data – transactions and budget – in CSV format. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, YNAB exports as TSV, or “tab separated” format. Too many commas would get crazy, and quick.)
  • Split transactions are now sorted correctly in the Activity popups you see when clicking on the Activity column for a category. We weren’t always showing a payee, so now transactions show the payee of the parent transaction if the sub-transaction itself doesn’t have its own payee.
  • Split transactions are now also represented correctly in the Credit Cards Payments activity popup that you see when clicking on the Activity column of a CC Payment category.
  • You can no longer click on the Available number in the Uncategorized Transactions row and see the “Cover this overspending” popup. Because if you did that, you could budget money to the uncategorized row, and that would essentially hide money. Not helpful when you’re trying to give every dollar a job. We are fixing up budgets for anyone who did that.
  • You can now sort transactions by the Cleared column. That sounds pretty boring. But it’s pretty exciting.

18 Feb 2016

  • We’ve temporarily removed the ability to export data, as we discovered some issues in certain browsers/versions. We’ll restore it as soon as we get those issues fixed.

17 Feb 2016

  • After moving transactions from one account to another, deleting the now-empty account would delete transactions that used to be in that account. That certainly wasn’t why you moved them, so we fixed it.
  • Typing “None” for a category name could cause an internal category to be assigned that shouldn’t have been used.
  • You can now confirm your email from a mobile device. Let’s face it, that’s where you’re checking your email anyway.
  • Moved the signup bar on the login screen to the top of the screen. Where it belongs.
  • When there is an error with Direct Import, and you click the “Import” button, YNAB will no longer ask for your credentials again unless it absolutely needs them.
  • If an error happens when loading a budget, it is now handled more appropriately. Previously YNAB tried to handle it too “gracefully” and could get into a bad state where it synced incomplete data.
  • Payees imported from YNAB 4 will once again auto-fill the category when you enter a new transaction. Less typing, more budgeting!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause average QuickBudget amounts to be wrong if your first month of data changed.

12 Feb 2016

  • Transactions are now automatically accepted when they are reconciled. (Not doing this previously caused some filters to tell you that you had transactions that needed to be accepted, but clicking on the filter wouldn’t show anything. We are in the process of cleaning this up for existing budgets that have “unaccepted” reconciled transactions.
  • Older mobile applications could cause scheduled transfers to get broken and duplicated. YNAB now prevents that from happening, but we are going to be cleaning up existing “orphaned” transfers transactions and removing any duplicates we find.
  • Older mobile applications could cause split transactions to have their “sub” transactions duplicated for a few budgets. We are in the process of removing those for affected budgets.
  • Direct Import no longer allows blank or empty answers to be submitted when the bank asks for more credentials.
  • Upgraded a few things on the server behind the scenes.

9 Feb 2016

  • Older versions of the mobile apps enter scheduled transfers with the same amount on both sides of the transfer, so they will both be outflows or both be inflows. That didn’t make sense, and now we fix it automatically when we detect an old mobile application making that mistake. (Now is a good time to make sure that your YNAB mobile app is up to date!)
  • You can now subscribe to YNAB from the Android mobile app.
  • Clicking on the banner at the top that tells you that you need to approve or categorize transactions will now show you split transactions that need approval or categorization.
  • We made some improvements behind the scenes to speed up/simplify how we import transactions from banks.
  • Dragging and Dropping to reorder accounts now works in Firefox.

5 Feb 2016

  • When you click on a categories Activity, it now has the transactions sorted by date descending.
  • We fixed a crash that could happen when generating scheduled transactions from a mobile device.
  • We upgraded Node. For those of you that were really keen on that one.
  • Not normally what you’d see in release notes, but we’re looking to hire two mobile developers. And that will certainly affect future release notes.

4 Feb 2016

  • There was an issue where the currency placement wouldn’t switch to before (or after) when the currency of a budget was changed. That’s taken care of.
  • The calendar will no longer open when entering a value in the memo or outflow/inflow fields.
  • A few budgets had an edge case appear where subtransactions could end up pointing to accounts that had been deleted. That’s been fixed!
  • When moving transactions from an account, we were showing the current account as an option. Not anymore!
  • There was really small edge case where an account couldn’t be deletable, even if all of its transactions had been removed. Erledigt!
  • When creating a new payment category, we ensure the debt master category isn’t hidden. It was sometimes causing the payment category to get into an un-hidable state.

2 Feb 2016

  • When you click on a categories Activity, it now has the transactions sorted by date descending.
  • We fixed a crash that could happen when generating scheduled transactions from a mobile device.
  • We upgraded Node. For those of you that were really keen on that one.
  • Not normally what you’d see in release notes, but we’re looking to hire two mobile developers. And that will certainly affect future release notes.

1 Feb 2016

  • We fixed some budgets that fell victim to a scheduled transfer bug we’ve been dealing with.
  • Undo when moving a split transaction to a tracking account now works correctly.
  • On some occasions we were still including deleted account values in account totals. Fixed.
  • Lots of behind-the-scenes fixes to support some stuff coming to mobile soon.

26 Jan 2016

  • The Age of Money calculation wasn’t bottoming out at zero when there were no more inflow “buckets” to draw outflows from.
  • We no longer tombstone starting balance payees. Nothing to do with the movie Tombstone.
  • We now correctly reject split subtransaction transfers when there’s a sync conflict.
  • We’re now only running Google Analytics code (for marketing) on initial signup. No need to have it anywhere else.
  • There was a rounding issue with the goal completion percentages. Our apologies to the math teachers!
  • For the Quick Budget average budgeted/spent, we were mistakenly including the next future month in the calculation. That makes no sense.
  • Now when you go back to the budget from an account screen, you’re brought to the last month viewed, and not the current month. Chalk that up as a victory over Annoying Things.
  • There were still some bugs remaining relating to scheduled transfer splits. Those are fixed.
  • On the login screen, ‘Remember me’ is no longer checked by default. (This change elicited a strong emotional response from the team.)
  • Scrolling was jumping around when saving/canceling an edit of a transaction. That’s been fixed. We’re still working on fixing the issue of jumpy scrolling while editing.
  • We’re now showing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators in the “To be Budgeted” formula so it is easier to, scientifically speaking, grok.

20 Jan 2016

  • You can now reorder your accounts in the sidebar within their areas (Budget accounts in the budget section, Tracking accounts in the tracking section.) Click and drag.
  • You can no longer move a category up into the Uncategorized category area.
  • We improved some workflow with direct import where you don’t need to reauthorize with the login just because you missed an MFA question.
  • Some budgets were getting orphaned sub-transactions, which is as sad as it sounds. We’ve fixed that.
  • We made some fixes around sync knowledge and calculations.

15 Jan 2016

  • We fixed a few Internet Explorer-specific issues. Thanks IE!
  • We’re now excluding our standard Google Analytics tracking (we track where signups come from). No need to track anything once a signup happens.
  • Direct import now handles multi-factor authentication questions where there’s an image and then multiple choices.
  • We gracefully explain an error around invalid characters in passwords when direct importing.
  • The ‘add transaction’ button is now disabled in the All Accounts view when there are no accounts. It’s also disabled in closed accounts now.
  • If you had hidden credit card payment categories (either from a YNAB 4 import, or just hiding them in the new YNAB), and then did a Fresh Start, the hidden categories weren’t listed in the…hidden categories. They are now.

14 Jan 2016

  • Another tweak to make sure Safari Private Browsing is working.
  • Fixed a few crashes on the account screen around a null reference.
  • Made a fix around Direct Import for single accounts that are already connected.

11 Jan 2016

  • Account closing, deleting, and reopening has been improved! You can now delete an account if it only has its starting balance transaction. You can also now re-open a closed account.
  • Private browsing wasn’t working well, throwing a QuotaExceededError. That’s now fixed.
  • Payment categories weren’t having their “Paid Last Month” and “Average Paid” amounts calculated correctly. They were incorrectly including spending activity—not just payments made.

7 Jan 2016

  • Age of Money was not including payments to liability accounts (budget, or tracking) in its calculation. It now does, which means if you’re a heavy credit card user, you’ll see our Age of Money drop. Sorry about this one.
  • Some backend improvements.
  • Sometimes we were mistakenly matching two imported transactions with the same manually-entered transaction.
  • Migrated Line of Credit accounts from YNAB 4 weren’t behaving correctly.
  • Added “I think I found a bug” to the Get Help dialog. Because maybe you will.
  • Fixed a crash where you’d click to select a category, delete the selected category, shift+tab to go back to the payee, use the down arrow to select the payee, then if you used the ‘enter’ key then tabbed…it’d crash. Fixed.
  • If you opened a closed the budget category name really fast, you’d get a crash. Fixed.

5 Jan 2016

  • Added a dropdown to ‘Get Help’ so YNABers can find their answers a bit quicker.
  • Increased the sync speed if there’s another sync call happening at the same time.
  • Fixed that drop-shadow flicker on modal dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple scheduled transactions on the same date were showing the wrong underfunded warning in the category’s inspector.
  • You can now reset your password if your trial is expired.

4 Jan 2016

  • Category notes are now saved when you click away. Pro tip: [Shift]+[Enter] for new lines in the notes.
  • The tooltip explaining Age of Money is now accurate.
  • If you created an account, and then undid it, the balance wasn’t always removed from balance calculations. It is now.
  • A migrated account balance, once connected to a bank account, will have its balance updated.
  • Introduced “Fresh Start” migration to stop the bleeding on our Full Migration giving us so many issues. We are truly sorry on this one. Details here on how to migrate.

2 Jan 2016

  • Behind-the-scenes configurations to troubleshoot and improve YNAB 4 migration issues.
  • Updated the Age of Money tooltip to make it clearer.
  • Reduced server load by pinging for incoming data less often.
  • We were too cute with a tooltip around security, where we’d mentioned laser sharks. Made it sound like we’re not serious. And laser sharks aren’t even real.

2 Jan 2016

  • You can now perform calculations within the Budgeted cell in your Budget. Try it! Maybe something like… “4+8” “15*16” or “23-42”
  • Improved the way we store financial institutions available for direct import, improving performance.
  • It’s TARDIS, not Tardis. (Your budget loading screen.)
  • Two 404 fixes related to reconciliation and something else vaguely about money management.

31 Dec 2015

  • Performance tweaks around JSON payload parsing.
  • Apparently you spell it “bated,” not “baited.”
  • Added a link to the user guides when you click on your account at the bottom left.
  • When adding a new account, we now delineate tracking vs. budget accounts when selecting an account type.

30 Dec 2015

  • Initial release. Heyo.