Release Notes

A steady stream of YNAB improvements for your reading pleasure. Grab some tea. Curl up with a Snuggy® and enjoy.

YNAB Is Always Improving
YNAB Is Always Improving

1 Mar 2016

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused an error when clicking on the “Activity” number for certain categories that had split transactions, where neither the split nor the parent transaction, had a payee.
  • Fixed some rare bugs in how certain values were being calculated.
  • Fixed a bug related to the way certain payees were renamed when imported.

25 Feb 2016

  • Added two payees to the list of payees that aren’t automatically renamed when being imported from the bank: “Check Withdrawal” and “[No description provided by institution]”

23 Feb 2016

  • We resolved the issue with exporting from last week, so you can now really export your data—transactions and budget‚—in CSV format. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, YNAB exports as TSV, or “tab separated” format. Too many commas would get crazy, real quick.)
  • It’s usually not good to be insensitive. Except in sorting. Our Payee sorting used to be case sensitive, so ALL CAPS payees got WAY too much priority. Payees are now sorted in a case insensitive way. So Books are next to BOOTS.
  • You can now reuse and recycle a budget name if you’ve deleted it. Because no one needs a budget called “My Budget 6”.
  • We’ve updated the styling on messages in the Inspector, because we don’t want you to miss them. You won’t.
  • We fixed an issue where, if you had an upcoming transaction that was funded (nice!) and a goal that was not funded (uh-oh!), we still showed the category as green. That didn’t help you make decisions, because it should have been yellow (keep budgeting! move money!). Now it will be.

18 Feb 2016

  • You can now export your data – transactions and budget – in CSV format. (If your currency uses a comma instead of a decimal, YNAB exports as TSV, or “tab separated” format. Too many commas would get crazy, and quick.)
  • Split transactions are now sorted correctly in the Activity popups you see when clicking on the Activity column for a category. We weren’t always showing a payee, so now transactions show the payee of the parent transaction if the sub-transaction itself doesn’t have its own payee.
  • Split transactions are now also represented correctly in the Credit Cards Payments activity popup that you see when clicking on the Activity column of a CC Payment category.
  • You can no longer click on the Available number in the Uncategorized Transactions row and see the “Cover this overspending” popup. Because if you did that, you could budget money to the uncategorized row, and that would essentially hide money. Not helpful when you’re trying to give every dollar a job. We are fixing up budgets for anyone who did that.
  • You can now sort transactions by the Cleared column. That sounds pretty boring. But it’s pretty exciting.

18 Feb 2016

  • We’ve temporarily removed the ability to export data, as we discovered some issues in certain browsers/versions. We’ll restore it as soon as we get those issues fixed.

17 Feb 2016

  • After moving transactions from one account to another, deleting the now-empty account would delete transactions that used to be in that account. That certainly wasn’t why you moved them, so we fixed it.
  • Typing “None” for a category name could cause an internal category to be assigned that shouldn’t have been used.
  • You can now confirm your email from a mobile device. Let’s face it, that’s where you’re checking your email anyway.
  • Moved the signup bar on the login screen to the top of the screen. Where it belongs.
  • When there is an error with Direct Import, and you click the “Import” button, YNAB will no longer ask for your credentials again unless it absolutely needs them.
  • If an error happens when loading a budget, it is now handled more appropriately. Previously YNAB tried to handle it too “gracefully” and could get into a bad state where it synced incomplete data.
  • Payees imported from YNAB 4 will once again auto-fill the category when you enter a new transaction. Less typing, more budgeting!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause average QuickBudget amounts to be wrong if your first month of data changed.

12 Feb 2016

  • Transactions are now automatically accepted when they are reconciled. (Not doing this previously caused some filters to tell you that you had transactions that needed to be accepted, but clicking on the filter wouldn’t show anything. We are in the process of cleaning this up for existing budgets that have “unaccepted” reconciled transactions.
  • Older mobile applications could cause scheduled transfers to get broken and duplicated. YNAB now prevents that from happening, but we are going to be cleaning up existing “orphaned” transfers transactions and removing any duplicates we find.
  • Older mobile applications could cause split transactions to have their “sub” transactions duplicated for a few budgets. We are in the process of removing those for affected budgets.
  • Direct Import no longer allows blank or empty answers to be submitted when the bank asks for more credentials.
  • Upgraded a few things on the server behind the scenes.

9 Feb 2016

  • Older versions of the mobile apps enter scheduled transfers with the same amount on both sides of the transfer, so they will both be outflows or both be inflows. That didn’t make sense, and now we fix it automatically when we detect an old mobile application making that mistake. (Now is a good time to make sure that your YNAB mobile app is up to date!)
  • You can now subscribe to YNAB from the Android mobile app.
  • Clicking on the banner at the top that tells you that you need to approve or categorize transactions will now show you split transactions that need approval or categorization.
  • We made some improvements behind the scenes to speed up/simplify how we import transactions from banks.
  • Dragging and Dropping to reorder accounts now works in Firefox.

5 Feb 2016

  • When you click on a categories Activity, it now has the transactions sorted by date descending.
  • We fixed a crash that could happen when generating scheduled transactions from a mobile device.
  • We upgraded Node. For those of you that were really keen on that one.
  • Not normally what you’d see in release notes, but we’re looking to hire two mobile developers. And that will certainly affect future release notes.

4 Feb 2016

  • There was an issue where the currency placement wouldn’t switch to before (or after) when the currency of a budget was changed. That’s taken care of.
  • The calendar will no longer open when entering a value in the memo or outflow/inflow fields.
  • A few budgets had an edge case appear where subtransactions could end up pointing to accounts that had been deleted. That’s been fixed!
  • When moving transactions from an account, we were showing the current account as an option. Not anymore!
  • There was really small edge case where an account couldn’t be deletable, even if all of its transactions had been removed. Erledigt!
  • When creating a new payment category, we ensure the debt master category isn’t hidden. It was sometimes causing the payment category to get into an un-hidable state.

2 Feb 2016

  • When you click on a categories Activity, it now has the transactions sorted by date descending.
  • We fixed a crash that could happen when generating scheduled transactions from a mobile device.
  • We upgraded Node. For those of you that were really keen on that one.
  • Not normally what you’d see in release notes, but we’re looking to hire two mobile developers. And that will certainly affect future release notes.

1 Feb 2016

  • We fixed some budgets that fell victim to a scheduled transfer bug we’ve been dealing with.
  • Undo when moving a split transaction to a tracking account now works correctly.
  • On some occasions we were still including deleted account values in account totals. Fixed.
  • Lots of behind-the-scenes fixes to support some stuff coming to mobile soon.

26 Jan 2016

  • The Age of Money calculation wasn’t bottoming out at zero when there were no more inflow “buckets” to draw outflows from.
  • We no longer tombstone starting balance payees. Nothing to do with the movie Tombstone.
  • We now correctly reject split subtransaction transfers when there’s a sync conflict.
  • We’re now only running Google Analytics code (for marketing) on initial signup. No need to have it anywhere else.
  • There was a rounding issue with the goal completion percentages. Our apologies to the math teachers!
  • For the Quick Budget average budgeted/spent, we were mistakenly including the next future month in the calculation. That makes no sense.
  • Now when you go back to the budget from an account screen, you’re brought to the last month viewed, and not the current month. Chalk that up as a victory over Annoying Things.
  • There were still some bugs remaining relating to scheduled transfer splits. Those are fixed.
  • On the login screen, ‘Remember me’ is no longer checked by default. (This change elicited a strong emotional response from the team.)
  • Scrolling was jumping around when saving/canceling an edit of a transaction. That’s been fixed. We’re still working on fixing the issue of jumpy scrolling while editing.
  • We’re now showing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ operators in the “To be Budgeted” formula so it is easier to, scientifically speaking, grok.

20 Jan 2016

  • You can now reorder your accounts in the sidebar within their areas (Budget accounts in the budget section, Tracking accounts in the tracking section.) Click and drag.
  • You can no longer move a category up into the Uncategorized category area.
  • We improved some workflow with direct import where you don’t need to reauthorize with the login just because you missed an MFA question.
  • Some budgets were getting orphaned sub-transactions, which is as sad as it sounds. We’ve fixed that.
  • We made some fixes around sync knowledge and calculations.

15 Jan 2016

  • We fixed a few Internet Explorer-specific issues. Thanks IE!
  • We’re now excluding our standard Google Analytics tracking (we track where signups come from). No need to track anything once a signup happens.
  • Direct import now handles multi-factor authentication questions where there’s an image and then multiple choices.
  • We gracefully explain an error around invalid characters in passwords when direct importing.
  • The ‘add transaction’ button is now disabled in the All Accounts view when there are no accounts. It’s also disabled in closed accounts now.
  • If you had hidden credit card payment categories (either from a YNAB 4 import, or just hiding them in the new YNAB), and then did a Fresh Start, the hidden categories weren’t listed in the…hidden categories. They are now.

14 Jan 2016

  • Another tweak to make sure Safari Private Browsing is working.
  • Fixed a few crashes on the account screen around a null reference.
  • Made a fix around Direct Import for single accounts that are already connected.

11 Jan 2016

  • Account closing, deleting, and reopening has been improved! You can now delete an account if it only has its starting balance transaction. You can also now re-open a closed account.
  • Private browsing wasn’t working well, throwing a QuotaExceededError. That’s now fixed.
  • Payment categories weren’t having their “Paid Last Month” and “Average Paid” amounts calculated correctly. They were incorrectly including spending activity—not just payments made.

7 Jan 2016

  • Age of Money was not including payments to liability accounts (budget, or tracking) in its calculation. It now does, which means if you’re a heavy credit card user, you’ll see our Age of Money drop. Sorry about this one.
  • Some backend improvements.
  • Sometimes we were mistakenly matching two imported transactions with the same manually-entered transaction.
  • Migrated Line of Credit accounts from YNAB 4 weren’t behaving correctly.
  • Added “I think I found a bug” to the Get Help dialog. Because maybe you will.
  • Fixed a crash where you’d click to select a category, delete the selected category, shift+tab to go back to the payee, use the down arrow to select the payee, then if you used the ‘enter’ key then tabbed…it’d crash. Fixed.
  • If you opened a closed the budget category name really fast, you’d get a crash. Fixed.

5 Jan 2016

  • Added a dropdown to ‘Get Help’ so YNABers can find their answers a bit quicker.
  • Increased the sync speed if there’s another sync call happening at the same time.
  • Fixed that drop-shadow flicker on modal dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple scheduled transactions on the same date were showing the wrong underfunded warning in the category’s inspector.
  • You can now reset your password if your trial is expired.

4 Jan 2016

  • Category notes are now saved when you click away. Pro tip: [Shift]+[Enter] for new lines in the notes.
  • The tooltip explaining Age of Money is now accurate.
  • If you created an account, and then undid it, the balance wasn’t always removed from balance calculations. It is now.
  • A migrated account balance, once connected to a bank account, will have its balance updated.
  • Introduced “Fresh Start” migration to stop the bleeding on our Full Migration giving us so many issues. We are truly sorry on this one. Details here on how to migrate.

2 Jan 2016

  • Behind-the-scenes configurations to troubleshoot and improve YNAB 4 migration issues.
  • Updated the Age of Money tooltip to make it clearer.
  • Reduced server load by pinging for incoming data less often.
  • We were too cute with a tooltip around security, where we’d mentioned laser sharks. Made it sound like we’re not serious. And laser sharks aren’t even real.

2 Jan 2016

  • You can now perform calculations within the Budgeted cell in your Budget. Try it! Maybe something like… “4+8” “15*16” or “23-42”
  • Improved the way we store financial institutions available for direct import, improving performance.
  • It’s TARDIS, not Tardis. (Your budget loading screen.)
  • Two 404 fixes related to reconciliation and something else vaguely about money management.

31 Dec 2015

  • Performance tweaks around JSON payload parsing.
  • Apparently you spell it “bated,” not “baited.”
  • Added a link to the user guides when you click on your account at the bottom left.
  • When adding a new account, we now delineate tracking vs. budget accounts when selecting an account type.

30 Dec 2015

  • Initial release. Heyo.