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Make Your Money Last

Ah, retirement: here’s how to make the most of your nest egg during your golden years.

Thinking About Retirement Savings
Planning for retirement

You Want More Control for the Unknown

You don’t know how long you’ll live, what health costs await, or future tax rates. And with all those unknowns floating around, your financial life can feel stressful and fragile.

Sure, some of those questions will remain firmly out of reach: but you can get a handle on your money in the meantime. You’ll know what you can afford, and if you’re spending money on what actually matters to you.

You Need a Budget—We All Do!

Know exactly how much you need and how long what you have will last. A budget is simply a planning tool to give you more clarity.

You Can Glide Through the Maze of Retirement

In 2010, Susan became “retired”—a little earlier than planned. After a successful career, she was laid off during the recession. While she wasn’t in financial distress—she had an IRA and a living cushion—she couldn’t shake the nagging worry that it might not be enough.

  • My Budget Gave Me Control

    Retirement can sometimes be a guessing game, but having this budget is such a relief.”

    Susan on Retiring —Susan

Here’s How It Works

  • 1. Create a Budget in YNAB

    We have free workshops and resources to get you budgeting in no time.

  • Prioritizing during retirement

    2. Prioritize Your Money

    Follow your spending plan, and change as needed.

  • YNAB helps you relax in retirement

    3. Sit Back and Relax!

    You can rest easy knowing exactly where your money is going.

Make Retirement More Peaceful

Gain total control of your money. Try YNAB for free, no credit card required.

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