Rigidity is Stupidity, Change is Amaze

So rhyming is not my forte. But I do know budgeting, so let’s get to it.

Around these parts, we have just Four Rules, but they are all very important.

I try not to play favorites or assign any kind of hierarchy, but Rule Three: Roll with the Punches, is a big deal.

And here is why: rigidity is stupidity. (I liked it because it’s true; also it rhymes.) I believe the reason a lot of people can’t or don’t stick with budgeting is because they assign unnecessary rigidity to the process.

It’s kind of insane to think that you would be held to spending or not spending a largely arbitrary amount of money in category X upon receiving new information which changes your circumstances. New information means new, perhaps different decisions.

To think that you wouldn’t allow new information to inform and alter your budget is crazy-making. So you quit. Which is a shame, because Rule Three is right there saying, “Hey, use me! Roll with punches and change your budget! It’s OK to change – changing your budget is actually the right thing to do!”

The ability to adjust your budget as you go, allows you to seize opportunities, improve your circumstances, and move closer to your goals. A side effect, albeit a very important one, is that the flexibility and freedom of Rule Three will help you stick with it.*

If you can really master the fact that budgeting is about always making adjustments, you will thrive. Nothing will knock you off track and you will never throw in the towel. This, more than anything, is budgeting success.

Long live Rule Three!

*I didn’t want to give away all the good stuff, so be sure to watch the video for a really awesome analogy about trees.


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