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What accounts do you keep "on-budget" in YNAB?

4,751 of you (so far) have taken the YNAB User Deep Dive survey. I’ve received a couple dozen messages offering feedback on how the survey could be better/more relevant, and I’ve already updated the survey accordingly – so thanks for taking the time to help me improve it! Digging through the responses, the results of …
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YNAB 4: All Accounts View

What?! There’s a new version of YNAB coming? Yes. It’s YNAB 4, and it’s awesome. If you missed the announcement, you can catch it here. We talk about pricing, availability, etc. YNAB 4 lets you view all of your accounts in one register: When you’re in that view, you can see all schedule transactions from …
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Trust your Budget and Close Some Accounts!

I am growing more and more convinced that the reason a lot of people struggle with budgeting is because we live in a world that is too focused on accounts. Most people have more than one account, typically checking and savings at the very least. Some folks have two checking accounts – one for bills …
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Balancing Your Budget and Accounts (Whiteboard Wednesday)

Today we discuss a simple equation to help you balance your on-budget accounts with your budget. It’s a simple formula, but a real life-saver! If you’re interested in a more in-depth explanation that will be explained much better than I ever could, you should consider taking the free, live special-topics class we have on balancing …
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On/Off Budget Accounts (Whiteboard Wednesday!)

Hello good YNABers! I’m pleased to announce the first installment of Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we talk about On/Off Budget Accounts. Forgive the beanie. My hair is atrociously long (by my standard), but I can’t cut it until I reach a goal that I set in October. Enjoy..   Leave a comment below telling me what …
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Freedom Accounts, Rainy Day Funds, Sinking Funds Oh My!

What’s a Freedom Account? What’s a Rainy Day Fund? What’s a Sinking Fund? They’re all the same thing. Mary Hunt coined the phrase Freedom Account, I (probably did definitely didn’t) coin the phrase Rainy Day Fund. I’m not sure who got Sinking Fund. Had I known about Mary Hunt’s Freedom Accounts before making YNAB, I …
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My Favorite Mary Hunt Advice: Freedom Accounts

Mary Hunt has popularized a method of budgeting that I absolutely love: Freedom Accounts. Over here in the world of YNAB, we call those things “Rainy Day Funds” – either way you name it, Mary’s advice to set up freedom accounts is spot on. A freedom account is basically a fund that you build up …
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Watch: This Couple Paid Off $266K of Debt in 33 Months

Who: Lauren and Kyle Mochizuki Where: San Juan Capistrano, California Total Debt: $266,000 Type of Debt: Credit card: $2,000 Car loans: $34,000 Mortgage: $230,000 Time to payoff: 2.75 years How they did it: Picked up work shifts Got a second job Made a chart with all their debt and celebrated every win Budgeted in YNAB …
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Have Trouble With Your Budget Over the New Year? We’re Sorry!

I’m Taylor, the CTO here at YNAB. I want to apologize for a problem YNAB had at the beginning of the year, and let you know what we’ve done to fix it. Since mid-December, on certain days our servers were struggling to keep up with the load. During these incidents, our mobile apps often weren’t …
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84 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Money

We know money can be a feisty topic for couples, so we’ve laid out a list of questions to ask your partner about money. We’ve split it out by relationship stage (newly dating, seriously dating, engaged, or married) but these aren’t hard-and-fast categories, they’re just guidelines. Pull from any category if it would do your …
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