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4 Ways to Get Your Partner on Board With Budgeting

You’ve got a fire in your veins to finally get your finances under control, but there’s just one problem—how do you get your partner on board with budgeting too? You’re jazzed out of your mind, talking a million miles a minute about the miracle that is THE BUDGET, but your partner is just giving you …
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How Two People Fell in Love Thanks to Budgeting

Adrianna and Nico often joke that they’re a cliche rom-com story: “single guy no kids meets crazy single mom of five and a budgeting app brings them together.” They’ve been dating for a year now and when they said they met through YNAB, we had to learn more. We talked to Adrianna to hear the …
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6 Surprise Benefits From My First Month of Budgeting

We came across Kevin on Reddit, where he shared about his first month of budgeting with YNAB. He learned! He grew! And the freedom, oh the freedom! If you’re new to budgeting—or looking for renewed motivation—here are Kevin’s highlights from month one (only one month!) and a preview of what you might expect: What I …
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How My Two-Year-Old Started Budgeting

It’s only natural that we YNABers want to teach our kids about budgeting. But how do we do it? How early do we start? What if we do it wrong? This is so stressful!  Well, happily, we have no shortage of advice on this topic. Jesse even wrote a whole chapter in the YNAB book …
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How Budgeting Was the Secret to Finally Quit Smoking

Melissa Schultz has smoked for as long as she can remember. Despite wanting (and trying!) to quit smoking for years, nothing had worked. One day, it finally clicked. She told us her story. Melissa’s Story I’ve been a smoker for over 20 years—I started my senior year of high school. It’s always in the back …
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5 Ways to Get Better at Budgeting

In the world of YNAB, we have a few things that are the budgeting equivalents of “drink water, sleep more, eat kale” and we wanted to pass along these bits of advice to help you get moving in the right direction and fast-track your success:  1. Budget Together For couples, it comes as no surprise …
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The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Budgeting in Different Currencies

If you ask me, taking a break from YNAB while traveling is like deciding not to take your passport. Being in a foreign country is one of the worst times to be ignoring your finances. So why do people do it? Most of the time, it’s because of the complexities of dealing with different currencies. …
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Next Level Budgeting: Category Groups and Groceries

Our refrigerator died yesterday. Slowly. While we were away all day. We didn’t realize it until this morning. So I’ve been thinking about saving money on groceries while I bag and discard a lot of spoiled food. Goodbye pork tenderloin and frozen bananas, farewell ice cream and yogurt—it was fun while it lasted! One thing …
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Next Level Budgeting: Category Groups and Vacations

I set my lunch down on the table in the airport food court and thought “$28 for a turkey sandwich, a small bag of apple chips and bottled water? What is this food made out of, gold???”. I vowed that next time we traveled I’d grocery shop beforehand, make sandwiches and be more prepared. I …
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