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Direct Import, Direct Schmimport

Direct Import can make even the most wonderful YNABer a bit, um, fussy if it’s not working—and, if you’re currently frustrated with it, I’m so sorry! We’re doing everything we can to improve your experience and resolve your issue. Stat. Second of all, and this’ll take an open mind (please stay with me!), YNAB can …
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So About Direct Import...

It’s almost magical how fast and easy it is to reconcile. When it works it is seamless—dare we say, glorious?—and it makes everything better. But for the other 15 percent of you, it is a frustrating mess. Our killer feature is killing you. It doesn’t matter if 93% of Chase accounts or 94% of Bank …
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File-based Importing

Looking for a way to import transactions that isn't Direct Import? Live outside the U.S. or Canada? File-based Importing is here, and it is just for you.
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In Parenting, Is Budgeting Your Time Or Your Money More Important?

It’s widely predicted and reported that Millennials will be the first generation in U.S. history to do worse than their parents financially. My brother and I were talking about this the other day—about how it is most certainly true for us, and what that means for the families we’re in the thick of raising. We …
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Why is Money Important to You? No, But Really, WHY?

I’m a bit of a bookworm. I read (or speed-read) half a dozen books each month. Can’t get enough of them. I actually have a “cooling off” rule in place for book-buying. If I see a book I want, I have to add it to my Wishlist and wait a week. I don’t spend too …
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Import Shmimport

I’ve spent a little time in the YNAB support queue the last couple of days, trying to get a feel for users’ challenges. Yesterday I saw three cases dealing with importing transactions: One user was trying to import six months of data from his checking account. YNAB’s inability to let him rename small batches of …
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Raising Money Awareness, Budget Mobility, and Direct Connect to Banks

We launched the Android app yesterday afternoon. YNAB doesn’t really have a mission statement, but I do feel like we’re on a mission. Mission statements are supposed to be succinct, so I think I want to go with: “Raise money awareness.” That’s not very catchy. I’ve talked about awareness a lot in the past, how …
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Budgeting: Important Questions Needing Answers

Yeah, I’ll be talking about Rule One again. Only because it’s so important. Yes, you can use the budgeting software without following Rule One, but my hope is that you follow it as soon as possible. The other day I was interviewed by the founder of (also a fan of acronyms, you can find …
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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions of New YNABers

So, you’ve decided that you need a budget, that 2020 is the year you’ll finally tackle your finances! You’ve signed up for YNAB’s free, 34-day trial, then cracked open the app to get started on your brand new budget. That’s when it hit you: this new YNAB budget seems a little…well…different. We don’t budget to the …
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