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5 Questions My Mom Asked Me About Getting Started With YNAB

My Mom, the budgeting rock star (no joke), is currently experimenting with a transition from Quicken to YNAB. She’s already signed up for an intro class, but last night we spent a few minutes sharing screens and talking about her first pass with YNAB and the Four Rules. Five questions came out of the conversation: …
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7 Steps to Getting Your Spouse On Board: Step 3

So far I’ve shared the first two steps of my husband’s ingenious method that he used to get me onboard with YNAB: Introduction Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together Step 2: Your Spouse Owns a Category So you’re trucking along. The formally uninterested spouse has started managing the category from Step 2 very well, consistently. …
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7 Steps to Getting Your Spouse On Board: Step 2

If you missed the two other posts, you can catch them here: Introduction Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together My very sneaky but very discerning husband must have the patience of Job. As I look at the steps that he took, I just think, ‘My gosh, am I some kind of kindergartener or something? I …
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The Next Right Thing for Right Now

It’s hard to know what to say right now.  The Last Thing I Want to Do The last thing I want to do is send everyone an email that says anything about COVID-19. I mean, for real, I don’t really need to know what Staples or Burger King or a rug cleaning company I haven’t …
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6 Steps to Make Your Money Go Further

Ok, so you need your current stash of money to last as long as it can. Sure, you might wish it were a bigger stash, but we’re not going to dwell on it and neither should you. It is what it is, now let’s get to work: here’s how to take your pile of money …
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I Need a Budget, Like, RIGHT NOW

These are crazy times, and we’re feeling it in every fiber of our being. Peel back the layers of this Covid-19 pandemic and it’s not just a fear for our physical health (and the health of our loved ones), it’s a fear for our financial health and the future in general. Many of us are …
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How to Prevent Future Debt

Stuck in the debt cycle? Here’s how to prevent future debt and stay out of debt forever. You work so hard to pay off every last cent of your debt—and you do it! It’s finally gone! But then time goes by—and in a cruel twist of fate, when it rains it pours. After a one-two …
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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions of New YNABers

So, you’ve decided that you need a budget, that 2020 is the year you’ll finally tackle your finances! You’ve signed up for YNAB’s free, 34-day trial, then cracked open the app to get started on your brand new budget. That’s when it hit you: this new YNAB budget seems a little…well…different. We don’t budget to the …
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New to YNAB? Start Here!

Wondering where to start with YNAB budgeting? Start here: learn how to use the YNAB software in our short, free, budgeting videos.  So, you need a budget. Well, you came to the right place. No matter if you’ve been budgeting for two decades with a printed spreadsheet in your pocket or you have a history …
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