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How I Use the Four Rules to Hit My Health Goals

This post was written in collaboration with our friends at Lose It! —an app I’ve been using for years. While I budget my dollars with YNAB, I use Lose It! to budget my calories and hit my health goals. We have so many new YNABers these days, I feel the need to introduce myself.  Hi, …
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Learn the Four Rules

Get started on the right foot! Come learn about YNAB’s Four Rules which are at the heart of everything we do. With the four rules in hand, you’ll be ready to set up your budget, take control of your money and reach your financial goals.

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The Four Rules

First things first, we need to teach you a little bit about our Four Rules. Sure, our apps are great, but the secret sauce is combining them with our four simple-but-life-changing rules. That’s where the magic happens.
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Four Rules for Winning Financially

The best part of my job, hands down, is writing YNAB success stories. YNABers are lovely people, for starters, and there’s nothing quite as heartwarming as hearing about their budgeting accomplishments. Here’s just a taste: “We paid off nearly 7,000 of debt in three months. We officially broke the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle (aging our money 30 …
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4 Rules That Will Change the Way You Budget

If you’re new to YNAB, we’re willing to bet you might’ve tried budgeting before. Maybe it went something like this: You listed out your expected income and expenses. It took some digging, but it felt good. Then you kept track of what you spent. When life didn’t go as planned, the budget couldn’t keep up. …
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One Modest Income, Four Big Wins

Last month, we shared Emma’s story, and the title says it all: YNAB classes (especially You Can Budget with Variable Income and Budgeting When Broke). [Then] I changed how I use YNAB, and guess what?! We haven’t dipped into the line of credit this month and our money is nine days old.” Humble Beginnings That …
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4 Rules For Buying A New-To-You Car

For as long as I can remember, jokes about “women drivers” were a permanent fixture in my household. My father never allowed my mother to drive, not even to the neighborhood store and back and was much more open to the idea of my brother getting a driver’s license when he was 16, a request …
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2 Rules You Need To Know To Buy A Car With Cash

Here is the thing, you can buy a car with cash. It won’t happen on accident. It won’t happen without effort, but it is a realistic and worthwhile goal. If you’re a long-time YNABer, you already know how to do this, but for those of you who are thinking, “How in the world would I …
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The Rules Are The Magic

Easily my favorite thing to do at YNAB is to talk to customers about their successes. They say things like… “I can finally answer my internal question of “can I afford this!”  Moving forward, I feel way more confident and secure in my financial life…” “I am now able to drop down to working a …
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