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...found ourselves talking about more than just those rules. And you’ve been asking about more than just those rules. Like, how to set goals or which jobs should get dollars...
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...about deprivation. It’s about prioritization, the essence of YNAB’s first three rules. When you give every dollar a job, your priorities become crystal clear. You’re more thoughtful about your spending....
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...matter what that is (we won’t judge you on your priorities if you don’t judge us on ours!), these rules will guide you to what is most important. You’ve done the big-picture...
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Questions deserve answers, and you can find the answer to just about everything budget-related in our Help Docs. Seriously. It’s a treasure trove of budgeting knowledge.

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Exhausted all other options? Just want to connect with a real, live, probably-mostly-human person? Our Support Team is happy to answer any of your budgeting questions.

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