See Your Recent Money Moves

Your Budget Now Has a Trail of Breadcrumbs

The secret to a budget that works is to have one that bends but doesn’t break. Here at YNAB, that means we Roll with the Punches, rob Peter to pay Paul, and WAM like we’re a 10-year old at the arcade for the first time.

Prefer to watch? Ben explains Money Moves!

Just one problem: sometimes we move money in our budget only to wonder, “Wait, what did I just do?” a mere five minutes later. Or how about when we share a budget and notice our partner all of a sudden has $100 more in their Fun Money Category (now how did THAT happen?). 

See your recent money moves

We’re quite pleased to announce your budget’s newest feature: Money Moves! This allows you to see your recent budget history in the web view. Now, when you see your Home Maintenance category has suddenly dropped, you can click in your Recent Moves to see that you had scootched $125 over to your Clothing category. Oh, that’s right, you replaced all your skinny jeans with Mom Jeans™. And got an early haircut to suit your new middle part. 😂 I mean, 💀. It’s all coming back now.

See recent views in your budget on web

How Recent Moves Work

The Recent Moves tab houses the past 34 days of history in your categories and To be Budgeted. Why 34 days? We just like that number around here. Well that, and it gives you just over a month’s worth of data. You know, just in case you’re doing your monthly rollover on the 3rd instead of the 1st.

See How Much Was Quick Budgeted

Gone are the days where the Quick Budget click threw you for a loop. Now you can see exactly how much money was budgeted in each category.

See how the Quick Budget feature distributed your money

See Three Months of History in a Single Category

You can even drill down to a single category and check out your Money Moves history up to three months in the past. Use these details to help guide your future budgeting decisions. If you’re consistently moving $100-200 extra dollars a month into Groceries, maybe it’s time to revisit your monthly goal or finally try the 34-Day Reset challenge.

See specific money movements within a Category

Level Up Your Team Budgeting

Budgeting with someone else? Money Moves can level up your next budget meeting and help make sharing finances an effortless activity, too. Some partners may be a little less confident in the budget, and this new feature helps build confidence for both parties. Money Moves can help unwind any accidental money movements, spark conversations on current or new priorities, and allow for more learning opportunities on how to use YNAB together. 

For those of us who are the primary budgeters, we can take a moment of silence in memory of  slyly moving an extra $20 from the Gas category to the Coffee category. There’s now a paper trail. Sigh. It’s for the better. Really.

Want to learn more about money moves in your budget? Check out our friendly help doc here!

Budgets are ever-changing, just like life. We’re happy to introduce another tool in YNAB to help you gain total control of your money by giving you more clarity and peace of mind for where your money went, and where it’s going next.

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