Shiny New Things

Remember when you finally paid off that last credit card debt, and then turned around and realized it was time to start on the student loan debts?

Or maybe you just wrapped up some debt-free holidays (woot!) and now you’re sitting here at the end of January saying, “Well, let’s start saving for it again…”

We worked on the new YNAB for more than two years and finally, finally “paid it off” so to speak.

And we rested for about two minutes. Maybe three. Because in all honesty, we’re just getting started.

In the month since launch, we’ve released a slew of new features and bug fixes. (You can always stay up to date with our release notes.)

  • On account creation, we delineate between Budget and Tracking accounts.
  • You can perform inline calculations in Budgeted cells, (type “2+2” in a Budgeted cell and it becomes “4”.)
  • Introduced auto-saving of budget notes.
  • Increased the speed of the application when syncing across devices.
  • Allowed for reordering of accounts in the sidebar.

If you’ve hung around here longer than a few minutes, you know that we don’t share public timelines. However, now that we can iterate and release much quicker, I can share with you a few things that have me very excited for the near future. Things currently being worked on:

  • Full migration of YNAB 4 data.
  • Massive speed improvements (which is the fix for the migration of full data listed above).
  • Importing of bank transaction files (QFX, OFX, QIF, and CSV).
  • Exporting of your budget and transaction data to a CSV.
  • “To be Budgeted” tweaks to keep the month in focus without inadvertently overbudgeting down the road.
  • The ability to enter a scheduled transaction in your account immediately.

This pace has me thrilled for the web app.

But here’s a little secret. I’m kind of jonesing on the mobile side of things. 2016 will be the year that YNAB on your Android or iOS device breaks out. Look for fantastic updates going forward! (And you’ll probably see a few job postings come from us re: mobile development.)

Maybe the best thing about all of these new features is that I get to keep making animated GIFs and tying them back to Star Wars.