Single Mom Pays off $46,000 in Debt in Just over a Year

“The little bits, they end up being a lot.”

Siobhan lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her two kids, ages eight and 15. She came to YNAB looking for a solution to her debt—$60,000+ in student loans and $16,000+ in credit card debt. Flash forward, and she’s already crushed $46,000 of her debt, and she’s on track to pay the last $30,000 off by the end of 2019.

What a difference a couple of years can make! And, not just in regards to money …

Siobhan said, “I feel like it has actually made me a better parent because I’m not stressed out about finances … that level of stress just really puts a damper over everything, and it doesn’t really leave you. I definitely feel like I can be more present in the moment with my kids.

Find out how she’s beating her debt by tuning in to this episode of Debt Stories:

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