In Less Than One Hour You Can Start Budgeting (Or Start Over). Just Start.

For budgeting geeks like us at YNAB, the new year is kind of like our Super Bowl.

A new start! Goals! Plans! Progress! We love it.

But if you don’t nerd out thinking about your age of money hitting triple digits, you may feel like the new year is just another reminder that you still haven’t gotten control of your money.

Maybe you even resolved to make this the year you start saving, or get out of debt, or just stop overdrafting once and for all. But then, it’s overwhelming and you feel stuck. Or maybe you feel like you are just too far behind, and there is too much to learn, and numbers, and math and…All. Systems. Shutting. Down. Or you fell off the proverbial budgeting wagon and where to start?

I totally get it, because once that was me. All of the above. But here is the truth:

The anticipation of starting (or starting over) is way more stressful and scary than just starting. And starting is more stressful and scary than just budgeting.

We can get you up and running, with a brand, spanking new budget in one hour. (Probably even less, but I like to under promise and over deliver!)

One hour. Even if you are very busy and important, you can squeeze in one hour.

Just Start

Stop letting your money get in the way of your life. Stop making budgeting this big, scary, hard thing that it isn’t. Stop putting this off and ignoring your financial reality. Just start.

If you have some financial ground to make up,…
If you can’t defer your student loans any longer…
If you are tired of juggling bills and counting down until payday…
If you really want to take that trip to Thailand…
If you want to buy a house…
If you are tired of being stressed about money and the future…

Just start. No more excuses. Don’t make this a bigger deal than it is. You are just going to sit down tonight, or tomorrow morning or this weekend, when you have a free hour, and you are going to start budgeting.

It Is Not Hard

You don’t have to be good at math or have all the answers. You don’t need to know anything except how much money you have right now, and what things are most important to you. (I told you—so easy!)

Everyone Can Do This

If you haven’t been successful in the past, do not waste another second feeling bad about it or telling yourself that budgeting won’t work for you. We can teach you how to budget. This is what we do. This is what we live for! Even if you never try our software (although it is free for 34-days!), we can and will teach you to budget. Regardless of how you learn or your particular brand of money baggage, we will get you going.


Remember the anticipation of starting is far worse than just starting. Let’s do this—we have resources to help you every step of the way.

Five Steps To A New Budget

There are only five steps required to get started with your first budget (or your first budget for the new-going-to-be-responsible-with-your-money-in-2017 you!):

  1. Take stock of your expenses, obligations, upcoming expenses, and savings goals.
  2. Determine how much money you have right now.
  3. Using that number, give every dollar a job.
  4. Go about your life, using your budget as a guide, and adjust as necessary.
  5. Rinse and repeat every time you get new money to budget.

Want to read about the five steps in-depth? There is a blog post for that! Right here.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Our Help Docs, provide a Quick Start option, that will walk you through step-by-step instructions. (Once you get started, the Help Docs are a great resource! You can search for pretty much anything you could ever want to know about budgeting.)

Getting Started Playlist

Or if videos are more your jam, we have a series of Getting Started videos that will walk you through the process of getting set up and on your way! Five videos, one minute each. So easy.

Hands-On Instruction

We have a whole team of expert teachers whose whole job is to teach people how to budget! We run free, interactive, 30-minute workshops from pretty much around the clock, seven days a week. There is no question too big or small—bring all the questions! Search through the offerings and find the topic and time that is just right for you!

2017 Is A Fresh Start

Take advantage of the new year, a fresh start, an opportunity to be happier, healthier, and wealthier this year. On average, new budgeters using YNAB save $200 the first month, and more than $3,300 by month nine. So, actually wealthier! But you have to start.

You will never regret getting control of your money. Never. Just start. One hour. Today.