"Strangers to Ourselves..." (Before YNAB)

I just received an awesome email from a YNAB user. This paragraph really stood out to me. Do you see yourself in there at all? I do 🙂

Watching and tracking our expenses, using the pretty charts and graphs was educational, letting us know what our apparent priorities in life were. It’s like we were strangers to ourselves. If someone were to ask us, what are your priorities, what are trying to get out of life, we’d have to answer back then, “Wait, I have to check our spreadsheets. It’s in there. Ah, right here. See, we’re into the here and now, apparently – and apparently, we have no plan to ever stop working or being able to retire because evidently we wish to work every day until the day we actually die – and we really, really seem to like eating out for some reason – but alot. And movies, we seem to enjoy movies and pizza and traveling, and motels, lots of motels. We like lots of food, see the grocery category?” This was no budget, just a list of what we spent, and brought to vivid life with colorful charts and graphs.