The New YNAB Lands in Two Days

For the next little while, this little blog is going to get a little crazy as it relates to this little thing we’ve been working on for more than two years.

Ok, there is nothing little about it!

We’re thrilled to announce the New YNAB, which will just be called “YNAB” going forward, will land/launch/premiere/be live in two days. December 30 is launch day.

We’ve been quietly testing things in the wild for the past several months and can’t wait to open the floodgates! It’s the best YNAB yet.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be answering your questions, announcing new features and updates, and discussing new thinking around the Method. We will surely exhaust you with blog posts. But it’s just that big.

In two days the New YNAB becomes YNAB.